Woman's Ex-Boyfriend Names His Newborn Her First & Middle Name — Now She Wants To Tell His Wife

Perhaps it could be chalked up to mere coincidence... had he not given the baby two uniquely spelled first and middle names.

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Everyone comes into a relationship with baggage from the past, and for some, that might come in the form of an ex they just cannot forget about. But when that former lover pops up in their new relationship in any way, it can be messy.

A woman was shocked to find out that her ex-boyfriend had chosen to name his new baby after her.

The woman named “Grey” shared a short TikTok video captioned, “Just found out that my ex gave his newborn daughter my name."


Speechless after learning about the disrespectful act, Grey simply shared stunned facial expressions before covering her mouth to stifle an uncomfortable laugh in the clip. Her wild assertion left some viewers bewildered, and full of questions about how the choosing of a name between her ex and his new partner came about.



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The woman posted a second video to clarify that "Grey" is just her "creator name" and that her birth name is common but spelled in a unique way. She went on to explain to skeptics that throughout her entire life, she has run into no more than four people who spell their names in the same way she does.

The underlying point is that it’s highly unlikely that her ex and his wife got their baby’s name from anywhere else.

To support her claim, Grey intimated that the child not only has her first name, but her middle name as well, something she has never encountered. Her middle name, like her first, is spelled in its own unique way, making herself a likely source of the combination of two abnormally spelled names for her former partner’s baby.

“It’s weird. What do I do? What do you do?” she asked, shaking her head back and forth in utter disbelief. Grey answered her own question, saying, “Nothing. You say nothing. Because there is no ‘not weird’ way to approach the conversation."

She gave viewers who might still be on the fence about whether the man legitimately named his baby after her a little more detail, noting that her Facebook account doesn’t even have her real name on it and that the man’s new partner doesn’t know her.


Despite the circumstances, this didn't seem to be any of her business. Even if the man did name his daughter after her, there could be no emotional attachment to it for him. Maybe, he just liked the name.



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People thought Grey should reach out to the baby’s mother and let her know what was going on.

In a third video, the TikToker shared that she is a “girl’s girl.” She decided that the woman who was now dating her ex should know exactly what type of person he was and what he had done right under her nose. “I want her to know before it’s too late to change the baby’s name,” she said.


Grey called her former boyfriend “shady” but thought that the fact that she had found out about the child’s name through the man’s mother’s Facebook account made matters even worse. His mother, who had expressed her love for Grey, knew that he had done a terrible thing and went along with it, enabling his bad behavior.

She asked people in the comments for advice on how to break the hurtful news to the man’s wife. She considered sending a copy of her ID to the woman and explaining that she used to date her husband 20 years prior but wasn’t confident in her approach.



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Others thought Grey only wanted to break her ex's wife’s heart because of her own ego.

They accused her of carrying feelings for two decades and being "giddy" about her intention to destroy another woman’s life. They even suggested that perhaps the wife knew about the origin of the name and just liked it.

Grey herself thought about the potential impact on the other woman when she found out about her husband’s possible deception. She said that she had been happily married for 16 years and carried no ill will toward her ex, reiterating that her concerns were about his wife.

She felt people were making her the villain when the man was the person culpable for the debacle. “I’m literally just living life,” she offered. But people thought she should move on and mind her own business. 



In the end, she was still conflicted about what action to take and is still seeking input.


One rule of thumb in life that everyone should abide by is to stop and T.H.I.N.K.: Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? And is it kind? Though it could be likely, there is no evidence that the man thought of Grey when naming the baby. That makes whether or not it is helpful questionable.

Though the circumstances raise concerns, the best course of action for Grey would most likely be to leave the situation enough alone and not disrupt the new mother’s peace based on mere speculation. 

What’s done in the dark always comes to the light, and if her ex-boyfriend is disrespecting his wife, he will eventually be exposed without her assistance. For now, hopefully Grey takes a step back and realizes that immersing herself in her ex's life again probably isn't the right move.


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