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Bridesmaid Sues Bride For Wedding Costs After Being Kicked Out Of Bridal Party For Cutting Her Hair

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Nobody likes to be controlled — especially by a Bridezilla.

A bridesmaid’s decision to take her friend to court after she was kicked out of her bridal party for cutting her hair was posted to Reddit.

An ex-bridesmaid sues a bride for wedding costs after being kicked out of a bridal party. 

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For a three-day wedding, the alleged bridesmaid was told to buy three dresses. Including dress alterations and shoes to match, the outfit expenses totaled to $700.

To make matters worse, the bride asked that each bridesmaid wear a specific hairstyle for each day.

“Unfortunately starting in March my hair started to deteriorate,” the ex-bridesmaid wrote in the Reddit post. “Due to health reasons my hair was falling out in chunks and in May i made the difficult decision to cut my hair.”

Two weeks before the wedding, the bride did not respond with ill will to this idea. A week later, she did.

“She came over to my house and when she was about to leave,” the anonymous poster wrote, “She brought up that she was concerned about my haircut and I told her it would look good even though I wouldn’t be uniform with the other bridesmaids.”

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Three days before the wedding, the bride lashed out at her friend via text message.

“After our recent conversations, I’d like to remind you of my boundaries: I’ve been very accommodating and graceful, but I can’t allow you to disrespect me,” the bride texted.

Another day, another person misunderstanding the concept of setting boundaries.

If anyone in this situation is overstepping their boundaries, it’s the bride.

You can’t force someone to get a haircut they don’t want to get and call that a boundary. Setting a boundary means saying, “Please don’t tell me what haircut to get. It’s my body, so I get to do what I want with it. Love you!”

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To call the text message a scroller, would be an understatement.

“Since I asked each of you to be bridesmaid in 2019, I’ve been very clearly and very communicative in my request,” the bride went on and on and on in her text. “The timing of your decision to cut your hair and not income in advance is very upsetting to me.”

“I would have felt respected if you had communicated with me more than a week prior to the wedding,” she allegedly continued, “So we could have worked together to find a collaborative solution. Your inconsistencies have concerned me and while I sympathise with your health concerns, I’m not willing to compromise my vision to accommodate you (or anyone else) when you have informed me in advance and we could have found a better solution.”

Instead of forcing her to not get the haircut, she asks her to “please step down from participating in [her] wedding.”

Aw. What a sweetie.

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After being kicked out of the wedding, the ex-bridesmaid sent the bride and groom an invoice for the money she spent on the dresses and shoes, since all were still in the bride’s possession.

“Neither of them replied,” the ex-bridesmaid wrote, “and so I decided to take it the court.”

There's not any information about the bride's response to being sued. In addition, there's no pictures of the text messages in the thread.

"So am I the a**hole," the ex-bridesmaid wrote, "for taking her to court because she kicked me out for cutting my hair?"

Reddit users supported the bridesmaid.

"I probably would have just not cut my hair and shown up with bald clumps," someone wrote in the comments. "Ducking asshole bridezilla would have had a meltdown."

"What a horrible, heartless friend she is," someone else commented — in bold font.

"One of my bridesmaids showed up day before my wedding to my house and had cut her hair from shoulder length to a pixie cut. I hated it. You know what I said?" another user posted on the thread. "Not a damn thing, because I asked HER to stand up there with me, not her f***ing hair."

Weddings can bring the worst out in people, but if your worst is that obscene, maybe you need to do some reevaluating. And by maybe, we do mean definitely.

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