Man Tells Coworker He Got Into A Fight With His Wife & Wasn't Speaking To Her — His Colleague's Response Made Him Immediately Tear Up

His coworker reminded him of an important life perspective.

Jake Sutton tiktok @jake_no_khakis / TikTok

A man revealed that he got emotional after hearing the advice his coworker gave him.

In a TikTok video, Jake Sutton explained that he was reminded of a valuable life lesson after opening up to his coworker about having issues at home with his wife. Sutton's video sparked a flood of comments from people, who were also moved.

A man shared the emotional advice he got from his coworker after opening up about fighting with his wife.

"So, I'm gonna be really vulnerable on here for a second but I really think this is something that everybody needs to hear," Sutton began in his video. He explained that he and his wife recently welcomed their new baby in February 2023.


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While he's overjoyed at being a father, Sutton remarked that he and his wife have been having a "hard" time since their baby is "colicky" — meaning she will cry for hours on end for no obvious reasons. "It has completely changed the dynamic of our household," Sutton revealed.


Since he and his wife are having to care for their daughter around-the-clock, Sutton and his wife's relationship has started to strain. Due to their relationship not being how it usually is, Sutton opened up about getting into a fight with his wife that had bled over into the next morning.

When he went to work that morning, one of his coworkers came up to him and asked if he was doing alright, noticing that Sutton's mood wasn't as chirpy as it usually is. Sutton told his coworker that he and his wife had gotten into a fight, and he hadn't spoken to her before leaving for work.

"I told him, 'Whenever I get home today, I guess we'll figure it out, if not then whatever,' and he just said, 'Who told you that?'" Sutton recalled his coworker's response. Confused, Sutton clarified that he was planning on going home after work and talking with his wife through their argument.

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man shares the emotional advice he got from his coworker after opening up about fighting with his wifePhoto: Just-Life / Shutterstock

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Once again, his coworker reiterated what he had told Sutton previously. "No, who told you that you were going to make it home?" After realizing what his coworker was trying to say, Sutton immediately broke down.


"My face just dropped," Sutton admitted. His coworker proceeded to tell him that the “biggest assumption that we take for granted is that we're going to make it home whenever we leave for work in the morning," and that Sutton needed to call his wife now and make up with her.

Overwhelmed by the reality of his coworker's words, Sutton promptly called his wife while still at work.

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The advice he received from his coworker reminded him that tomorrow is not promised.

Recalling the conversation he had with his coworker, Sutton wanted to make sure viewers remembered that every second is precious, and being able to make up with loved ones or tell them how you feel is not something we should hold off on doing.


Tomorrow is not guaranteed, and expressing your feelings allows you to seize the opportunity to share your love, appreciation, and gratitude with your loved ones. It's why we're constantly told "don't go to bed angry" at someone.

If you keep your feelings bottled up and something unexpected happens, you may be left with regret for not expressing yourself. By openly communicating your emotions, you can decrease the chances of regretting missed opportunities to share your love and appreciation with people in your life.

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man shares the emotional advice he got from his coworker after opening up about fighting with his wifePhoto: AshTproductions / Shutterstock


In the comments section, viewers thanked Sutton for sharing that important life perspective.

"My father in fact didn't make it home. Please never forget that (this moment) is a gift and tomorrow is not promised," one TikTok user shared.

Another user added, "Every day isn’t promised to no man. You don’t know when your number is up. Make sure you know your maker... it could be at any time."


"Growing old is a privilege denied to many people. I’ve seen it too many times. Say what you need to say, make it work. It will get better," a third user chimed in.

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