Man Says The Most Frustrating Thing In The World Is That His Fiancé Is A 'Nice, Loving, Kind-Hearted Person'

He wanted to ruin her boss's life, but she vowed to let karma run its course.

Man talking about his wife's work struggles on TikTok @beingjustjohn / TikTok

A man on TikTok named John vented his frustrations to over 1.3 million people in a video posted on June 12, 2023, where he talked about what he thinks is the most frustrating thing in the world.

He claimed that the most frustrating thing in the world is the fact that his wife is such a kind-hearted person. Most people would say that’s a good thing, but he explained why in a TikTok video.

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He claims that his fiancé being kind is frustrating because she won’t let him ‘destroy’ her boss’s life.

“The most frustrating thing in the world is when the person you love is such a nice, loving, kind-hearted person,” he started his video, “and for whatever reason people keep coming in y’all’s lives and these people walk all over, use, and treat the love of your life like absolute garbage.”

John continued, saying that his fiancé likes to “rise above” and sort of let karma run its course, hoping that the people who treat her poorly get what’s coming to them, but he wants to do things differently. He wants to “stoop to a lower level and [ruin] a motherf--ker’s day.”




He went into the “story time” of the video where he explained that his wife, who is Ukrainian, just recently got a new job around the start of the Russian invasion and subsequently, the war. “For whatever reason, her superior thought it would be funny to play the Russian national anthem a couple times a day and get a reaction out of her,” he explained.

His wife had been directly impacted by the war and had family members die and homes destroyed because of it, so this kind of behavior from her boss was way too far. “Of course, she went to HR, but HR for whatever reason is buddy-buddy with this guy so absolutely nothing was done,” he revealed.

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Her superiors wouldn’t even acknowledge her successes with the company.

“This is the part of the story that’s actually, like, kind of funny,” he said. “So these guys are at the top of the top leaderboard in the entire company, so they thought they were untouchable.”

He explained that in just two weeks, his wife was able to “skyrocket” above them by a “landslide,” and, in his words, “made them look like idiots.” Normally, every week they send a report to corporate that will let them know who’s performing well and what the leaderboard looks like, but when John’s fiancé was at the top, they intentionally didn’t send out the reports for three or four weeks.

Also, her bosses like to hype up the person who is at the time — they’ll buy them lunch and brag about them to corporate and do all of these kind things, but as you guessed it, John’s fiancé didn’t receive the same treatment.

He believes it’s because they were jealous that she was simply better at their jobs than they all were, and even though there’s no real proof to back that up, some might say it’s in the pudding.


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He wanted his wife to let him ruin her boss’s day by exposing his life.

“She wouldn’t let me use my following and expose them on everything because we have recordings,” he claimed. “We have evidence that we could have sent to corporate, but that didn’t happen.”

Not only that, but because of this whole situation, John did some digging into the man who was harassing his wife and found some juicy secrets. “I did a little bit of digging and figuring out a little bit about this guy and found out that he was engaged four times in a year,” he revealed. “Do you know how amazing the joke would be to be like, ‘Hey, how’s your quarterly engagement going?’ Phenomenal.”

Photo: TikTok / @beingjustjohn


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He wanted to do even more digging and go even further by finding out who he was currently engaged to, sending the temporary fiancé a message talking about how “honorable” it was of her to be engaged to a man who was engaged three times prior to her, and wearing the same ring.

“It really sucks because I could have destroyed this guy’s life. I really could have, but unfortunately, my fiancé is a much better person than me.”


Everyone in the comments applauded him, both for his energy as well as for not doing anything his wife didn’t want to do. Likewise, everyone empathized with her and said that she should not have to deal with that.

Unfortunately for everyone, including John, it’s up to her how she wants to move forward with everything.

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