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Mom Who 'Trashes' Her House With Her Kids For Fun Accused Of Being An 'Unstable' Parent

Photo: TikTok
Mom trashing her home

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. No matter how much input you get from those with experience, knowing what parenting style works best for you and your kids can be hard. Since every family and individual is different, what works for one mom or dad may not work for another.

A TikToker called ‘@mommyofthebeezzzz’ has gained a big following by sharing videos of the fun times she and her children are having together at home, including this one where she is seen having a water gun fight inside of the house with her son, who is dressed in a Halloween costume.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. 

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She lets her kids destroy her home and doesn't care about the aftermath.

The playful mother also uploaded a video where she and her kids are dancing to Lee Ann Womack’s ‘I Hope You Dance’ with their paint-covered arms outstretched. The walls in the room are covered with writing and the floor is splattered with paint droplets and colorful handprints.

On that particular video, in response to apparent mean comments, a supportive viewer wrote, “As a CPS (child protective services) investigator, carry on, mama!”

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But it has not all been fun and games for the mom. People have come out of the woodwork to label her a "bad mom" and "unstable." One person even went as far as to suggest that the woman was making the videos to avoid enjoying time with her kids.

They said, “It’s what she does instead of spending time with her kids”. She responded by sharing yet another video of herself, her daughter and her son enjoying arts and crafts together.

Fortunately, the lively matriarch is taking the negativity with a grain of salt. When someone commented, “[For real], wasting food, trashing her house, fake crying… and her followers eat it up like it’s funny,” she responded by sharing the following clip where she looked into the camera with blue paint all over her face and said, “First of all, what you’re missing is… It has my lip prints,” as she pointed to a spot of paint on the wall.

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In the end, the kids seem to be having the time of their lives with Mom and she is totally unfazed by all of the people flooding to her comments to judge her. And she has so much support from her fans who are calling her their “spirit human” and applauding her for living her best life. They push her to keep making memories with her little ones because life is too short.

Maybe this mother is onto something that we can all learn from. Science has shown that there are big benefits to playing with your kids.

When parents have a good time with their offspring, a hormone called oxytocin is released into the bodies of both parties. It is associated with developing trust and building good relationships. It also reduces stress, blood pressure, fear, and anxiety.

On the other hand, those "holier than thou" people judging from the sidelines instead of interacting with their own children could be doing more harm than good. If the kids get wind of the nasty comments, they could lead to feelings of shame and negative behaviors. If their own kids happen to be in earshot, it could prevent them from having their own freedom of expression.

Every parent has something they do with or for their own kids that others might not find acceptable. As long as no kids are hurt, abused, or traumatized, maybe it’s time we all minded our business and allowed people like this involved mom to parent their own children in the way they see fit.

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