Man Shares A 'Passionate Kiss' With A Widow At A Singles' Event Before Seeing A Text From Her Late Husband On Her Phone

Back from the dead?

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A man was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at an event for single people looking to date and met up with a seemingly successful career woman who was recently widowed. 

However, the night took a sudden turn when he realized that the woman’s supposedly dead husband was actually alive and well — and was unaware of his wife’s whereabouts. 

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The woman attended the singles event to cheat on her husband by telling other guests that she was widowed. 

Sharing the mind-boggling story to the subreddit thread, r/pettyrevenge, the man revealed how he decided to plot revenge on the unfaithful wife. 

He began his post by sharing that he attended a singles mixer at a bar and was chatting with a woman who claimed to be recently widowed to a man named Dennis. 

“We hit it off and we separate from the event and I ordered us some food and drinks,” he wrote. “She told me about how much of an amazing job her deceased ex had, and that she had loads of money and didn't mind spending it and got a huge payout.” 


He claimed that he has a well-off job so meeting someone who was also financially stable was rare for him. 

As the woman started telling the man about her luxury cars and fancy holidays she had planned, her phone started ringing and her behavior suddenly changed. 

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“She began to act a bit shady and tried turning her phone so I couldn't see,” he wrote. 

At one point after the two shared a “passionate kiss,” the woman went to the bar to get more drinks, leaving her phone behind on the counter. 

That’s when the man uncovered the reason for her strange behavior. 


“Low and behold Dennis is calling again. His name calling with a heart beside it too!” he revealed. 

“I just watched it ring then a message pops up saying, ‘baby when are you back from Sarah's? I'm so horny for you.’” 

Clearly, the woman was out cheating. The man pressed her about it when she returned with their drinks. 

“She immediately got defensive and started accusing me of looking through her phone (which I didn't at all) and that she felt nothing when we kissed and said I was crazy,” he wrote. “This was clearly her excuse to leave now that she got some free stuff.” 

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Still, the man wanted to seek revenge on the woman for what she did to him and her very-much-alive husband. 

“Later that night I found the guy Dennis on Facebook and it turned out they were married. I messaged him to say we had been out and explained the entire situation to him,” he wrote. 

Initially, Dennis did not believe him. However, once he spilled the details of the conversation he had with the woman, there was no doubt that she’d been cheating. 

Dennis thanked him and informed him that he would “sort it out.” 

“A few days ago, I saw her on Facebook complaining about how men are all pigs and that she had to move back in with her mother because he had kicked her out and wanted a divorce,” the man shared. 


“She also is unemployed now because the location of her parents was too far from her job.” 

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Other Reddit users praised the man’s actions. 

“You performed a public service. Keep up the good work,” one user commented. 


“I feel like you should start a PI Agency. You can find out if the ladies are cheating, want to cheat, or might be cheaters,” another user wrote. 

“You totally saved poor Dennis from more heartache, wasted time AND money on a cheating b–tch,” another user pointed out. For anyone who is considering cheating on their spouse, you better wish you never cross paths with this man! 

“Don't waste my time and money again or your (ex) husbands!” he advises. 

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