All The 'Love Is Blind' Couples Not Shown On The Show Who Found Love In The Pods

They found love and popped the question but never made it on the show... are they still going strong?

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If you've been tuning in to watch Netflix's hit series "Love Is Blind," you're probably very familiar with the couples who got the most airtime. From Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton — the OG's from season 1 — to season 4 lovebirds, Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown, viewers have developed quite a fondness for some of these reality television stars. 

Since the intense dating experiment, which aims to determine whether or not love is actually blind, has to be edited down to about a dozen or so episodes, producers have to pick and choose who they put on television and who they don't. However, that doesn't mean that other couples didn't form.


There have been some "Love Is Blind" love stories that some fans may not even know about. On season 1, for example, two additional couples got engaged in the pods. However, Netflix has confirmed that there weren't any couples who got engaged without being filmed during season 3.

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Here are all of the 'Love Is Blind' couples not shown on the hit show:

In season 1, Rory Newbrough and Danielle Drouin got engaged as did Westley Baer and Lexie Skipper.

Rory Newbrough ended up falling in love with — and proposing to Danielle Drouin. In an interview with People magazine in February 2020, Newbrough explained that he was told they didn't have the resources to include them in the next portion of the show. 


“As we were preparing to go to the Mexico trip, the leads of the show came in and said, ‘Hey, we were expecting maybe one or two [engagements]. The shows we’ve done before, we’ve never had this much success. We prepared for five. Then we got eight engagements, so we had to pick who we were going to follow.' We got our phones back. They thanked us graciously and said, ‘Sorry, we just don’t have enough to cover everybody,'" he explained.

The two split sometime after the season wrapped and Drouin tied the knot in September 2022 to someone not affiliated with the show.

Another couple, Westley Baer and Lexie Skipper, who also got engaged in the pods, didn't get their airtime either. According to their Instagram accounts, the two still appear to be together.


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Other couples from season 1 who are still together include Speed and Hamilton as well as Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett.


In season 2, Jason Beaumont got engaged to Kara Williams and  Joey Miller proposed to Caitlin McKee.

The second season of "Love Is Blind" had cameras zooming in on the lives of Deepti Vempati and Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee as well as Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen, but, once again, two other couples who got engaged in the pods didn't get the same airtime. 

Jason Beaumont got engaged to Kara Williams sight unseen, according to Entertainment Weekly. Their love, however, didn't last. "Kara has been one of the most charismatic, loving, & supportive people I've ever met, she is hands down one of the strongest women I've ever been around. Unfortunately, we have since parted ways, but that will never take away the feelings & love I had for her throughout this process. Although our relationship was not featured, it was still authentic," he captioned an Instagram post that appears to have been deleted.

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Meanwhile, Joey Miller asked Caitlin McKee to marry him while the two were still in the pods. "After filming the reveal we were free to go back to Chicago. We however, decided to take our own vacation so that we could spend some one on one time together. We went to Santa Monica for a few days and enjoyed getting to know each other in person before going back to real life," McKee captioned an Instagram post after her experience on "Love Is Blind." 

In a post on his Instagram feed, Miller confirmed that he and McKee had broken up but called his time on "Love Is Blind" "one of the best things [he's] ever done."

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Season 2 ended up being a bust altogether with no couples making it the distance. 


Were there any 'Love Is Blind' season 4 couples not shown?

Netflix has not revealed if there were any couples in the season 4 pods who got engaged but didn't make the cut for the rest of the show. Given that the season finale has aired, any secret couples are likely to make themselves known to us soon!

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