Logan Paul Gets Backlash For Accusing Bad Bunny Of 'Exploitation' Of Puerto Rico

Fans are saying Paul is wrong for calling out Bad Bunny.

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Bad Bunny fans are criticizing YouTuber Logan Paul after he accused the rapper of "exploiting" Puerto Rico's tax laws.

In a recent interview, Paul attempted to call out Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, for "taking advantage" of the tax laws on the island.

Logan Paul called Bad Bunny out over Puerto Rico's tax laws.

Paul accused Bad Bunny of being "hypocritical" when it comes to following Puerto Rico's tax laws, despite the laws not applying to the musician.


The comments from Paul came after Bad Bunny released a 20-minute documentary on September 16, which centered on Act 22, a controversial tax break for foreigners which allows residents to avoid paying capital gains taxes on cryptocurrency, stocks, and real estate.

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In the documentary, Paul, who admitted that his number one reason for moving to the island in 2021 was the tax incentive, made an appearance.

During an interview with news Youtuber Phillip DeFranco, Paul said it was wrong of Bad Bunny to make an entire documentary that criticized foreign investment in Puerto Rico, claiming that the rapper "takes advantage" of the same tax law as him.


"Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican, living in Puerto Rico, who is privately taking advantage of the same tax program that he is publicly condemning," Paul said.

"So, I see this music video that has stuck me in the middle of it — surrounded by context that makes me look like a vulture in Puerto Rico," he continued.


"And again, while I love Bad Bunny, I cannot personally support the hypocritical nature of his exploitation."

However, as many people noted on social media, Paul was inherently wrong in his assumption of Bad Bunny's tax status.

According to The Washington Post, since Bad Bunny is a native Puerto Rican who resides on the island, he wouldn't be eligible for the same tax incentives as someone like Paul, who is considered a wealthy foreigner.

For residents in Puerto Rico to benefit from Act 22, they can't have lived on the island for the last ten years. Bad Bunny moved to San Juan in 2020 and was originally born in Puerto Rico.


Bad Bunny fans also pointed out that the Latin artist routinely gives back to his community in Puerto Rico through his Good Bunny Foundation.

He also recently added QR codes to tour bracelets in support of local organizations in need.

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Paul, who moved with his brother, Jake Paul, into a Dorado mansion reportedly worth $13 million, revealed that he'd moved to the island from Los Angeles because "it's getting crazy here in California, paying taxes."

However, the influencer has been widely criticized for contributing to Puerto Rico's gentrification, with locals protesting against the "colonizers" moving onto their land.


In his interview, Paul told DeFranco that he and his brother have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Puerto Rico, and have tried to give back to the local community as much as possible.

"I want to do more as well. And truthfully, I should be doing more," he said, before doubling down and responding to the criticism from native Puerto Ricans.

"Like, what do you want, you know?" he continued. "Like, I don't have the answers, bro. I'm 27 years old. I've been here a year and a half."

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