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Fan Describes Confrontation With Conan O'Brien After He Stole Muffins From Hotel Breakfast Buffet

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Conan O'Brien

A fan is accusing Conan O'Brien of stealing all the muffins from a hotel's communal breakfast in a story that is attracting a lot of attention online.

The talk show host and former "Saturday Night Live" writer may be beloved by audiences across the US but one fan has a different perspective.

The fan claimed Conan O'Brien took an entire basket of muffins from a hotel breakfast buffet.

The story was shared in a recent Instagram story post from popular gossip site Deuxmoi.

The fan, who has remained anonymous, shared how they can’t read anything about O’Brien without thinking of this tale. 

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They claimed the incident occurred as a resort in the Bahamas and was witnessed by their father — an early riser who would often be one of the first guests at the breakfast.

"The resort would put out coffee and muffins around 6 AM for guests that were up at that time but usually never refilled anything once it was gone," they wrote.

"My dad went to the lobby to get his usual coffee and muffin and it was only him and Conan in the lobby."

Reportedly, O’Brien then took the whole basket of muffins and left for his hotel room, presumably for his family, which left nothing for the rest of the guests. 

When the user’s father called him out for how rude it was, O’Brien simply said that he didn’t care. 

“My dad screamed at him across the lobby, ‘Conan you’re an a–hole’ and I’ve never looked at Conan the same again.”

Fans shared their disbelief about Conan O'Brien's muffin-gate.

In subsequent DeuxMoi Instagram stories, fans found the post somewhat hard to believe.

Meanwhile, on Deuxmoi’s unofficial Reddit, “r/Deuxmoi," other defended the comic.

“I love that this is the most negative thing I’ve ever heard about Conan,” a user who shared the post wrote.

Fans found this story more hilarious than infuriating.

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“I HOPE Conan did this because it's so…funny. I can picture his hair all crazy from just waking up, he runs with the muffins and says 'I don't care! Ha ha!' and his hair is just flying everywhere. He has on a robe, slippers, and a white undershirt,” one user wrote. 

“A man who would take an entire basket of muffins from a hotel lobby is capable of anything,” another user joked. 

Underneath the thread, fans speculated that perhaps they were filming something. Conan has been known to put on a persona when filming.

“This sounds exactly like one of the bits from Conan. I wonder if they weren't doing something at the time for a remote segment,” a user speculated.

Others poked fun at the absurdity of a luxury hotel like this wouldn’t refill the muffins after. 

“Wait, the Four Seasons, a luxury resort, is serving coffee and muffins in the lobby? And not refilling them? I am calling shenanigans just based on that,” one user said. 

Regardless, you can admit… It's a little funny. 

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