After Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Came Home With A Huge Diamond Ring From A Boy Asking To Be Her Boyfriend, A Mom Had To Track Down Its Rightful Owner

Diamonds are apparently a little girl's best friend.

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Kids do the cutest things, sometimes without knowing what the impact might be on others. One mom found out that the boy who liked her six-year-old daughter had gone to great lengths to get her to notice exactly how fond of her he was.

Her six-year-old daughter shared the rollercoaster of emotions that she had gone through at school that day.

The mom started her TikTok video by saying, “Buckle in. This is hilarious,” explaining that her daughter's ‘boyfriend’ Brandon from kindergarten ended up in her first-grade class. The little girl was excited that Brandon was still in her class and, according to her mother, she talked about him incessantly, saying she was in love and that the two of them would get married one day.


Then one day everything changed.

“I need to tell you something. Mom, you need to sit down,” the young lady said when she got home.

Phillips reluctantly took a seat, eager to hear what serious issue her child needed to relay. Her daughter explained that during recess, a boy named Trevor, also a student in her class, had approached her and handed her a diamond ring.



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The amused mom held the ring up to the camera and it definitely appeared to be a wedding or engagement ring. He asked her daughter to be his girlfriend and she responded by unceremoniously dumping the former ‘love of her life’, Brandon.

Apparently, diamonds are a little girl’s best friend.

It seems like Phillips’ daughter is learning two things early: that women love diamonds, and that her love language is receiving gifts. Trevor showed up with that shiny ring and Brandon was out in the blink of an eye. The first grader wasted no time moving on.

When questioned about where Trevor got the ring, the girl said he told her that he buys them all the time, but it’s very clear that this particular ring belongs to someone else.


She decided to go onto Facebook in the school’s groups to post a picture of the ring in hopes of finding the rightful owner.

According to Phillips, the comments did not disappoint.

In the post, she wrote, “If you have a son by the name of Trevor who is in first grade, he gave my daughter this ring and asked her to be his girlfriend, so she dumped her current boyfriend for your son. Anyways, she claims Trevor said it was a kid ring and he buys them all the time.”

People in the comments called Trevor “one of the good boys” for his romantic gesture, while others empathized with Brandon over the loss of his love and called Trevor “Mr. Steal Your Girl. The little Casanova was referred to as smooth, a player, and people speculated that he had “bands,” meaning he apparently has money to blow on sweeping little girls off their feet.

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Trevor’s mom eventually stepped forward to claim the ring as his great-grandmother’s.

It turned out that the ring belonged to Trevor’s great grandma who was alive and well and living in Alabama. The family had gone to visit her, and Trevor had taken the ring when they left, keeping it safely tucked away until he could deliver it to his classroom crush.

Phillips made arrangements to return the ring that evening. But people really wanted an update on the love triangle, and she delivered.



Though the ring was returned, Phillips’ daughter chose to keep Trevor as her boyfriend, prompting Brandon to give her the silent treatment. But the post that had been made in the Facebook group went viral, causing the local news to interview the little lady caught in the middle, who we now know is Adalie, about her interesting love story.


Adalie was eating the attention up, showing the reporter the tree where she received her proposal from Trevor and taking her personal paparazzi on a run around the playground as he tried to keep up with her. Phillips asked viewers to keep an eye out for her daughter on the local news.

There are a few lessons to take from this feel-good story of puppy love.

Kids learn early on to empathize and consider other’s feelings. Making up with Brandon could be a great lesson in accountability. No doubt Trevor’s mother gave him a ‘talking to’ about taking things that don’t belong to him and Adalie got a life lesson about materialism and valuing people over property.

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