Little Boy Asks A Girl's Dad For Permission To Take Her To Homecoming— 'He's Got More Rizz Than Me'

He did a better job than most grown men would have.

5 year old asking girl's dad to take her to homecoming TikTok - @ESPN/Canva Elements - HaplessHermit

Who says chivalry is dead? In an example of the right way to ask a girl out, a 5-year-old named Easton approached her father to ask permission before inviting his friend to homecoming. The video was shared on the ‘ESPN’ TikTok account and has amassed over 2.2 million views.

The little boy is being praised for asking permission to invite a man's daughter to homecoming.

The viral clip started with Easton walking up to the girl’s dad as he sat in the bleachers at a baseball game. The little guy was lifted up by his dad so he could be at eye level when he started to ‘shoot his shot.’ He said, “My name is Easton. Can I take your daughter to homecoming?”


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Amused by the boy’s bravery, the girl’s dad is smiling as he questioned him about his name and repeated the request back to make sure he heard correctly. He then nodded and gave Easton permission to escort his little girl to homecoming.


Of course, Easton couldn't just take the dad's word for it, the most important question and answer was yet to come.

The next scene showed the 5-year-old approaching the girl with red, black, and green balloons, a red gift bag, and a sign that read, “2, 4, 6, 8… will you be my HOCO (homecoming) date?” On her part, the little lady seemed giddy to have been asked and wasted no time giving Easton an emphatic “Yes!” The two were all smiles as the video ended.

People in the comments were enamored by the wholesome moment with several of them saying things like, “Bro got that premium rizz (charisma)” and “Lil man got more rizz [than] me.” Others were tickled at the girl answering without hesitation.

Little Easton is proving that chivalry may not be entirely dead — even if it can look like it is from time to time.


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Whether you believe in chivalry or not, learning to be respectful and civil to others is a necessary skill that all children could use to navigate life. Most people believe that basic decency and civility should be shown by everybody and it starts at a very young age. Regardless of gender dynamics, it is polite to ask for permission and consent before proceeding with anything that impacts another human being!


Everyone has the freedom to be and do whatever makes them happy and chivalry might look different from one person to the next, but we can all agree that Easton’s homecoming invite was heartwarming.

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