The Actual Reason Kim Kardashian & Tom Brady Have Been In Touch — Inside The Luxury Resort Where Kim Is Looking To Buy Property

The real reason for their newfound friendship is some real estate.

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Rumors have swirled around the internet that Kim Kardashian has found herself a new beau. No, it isn’t a scientist, a doctor, or an attorney, but a football player once again! At least, that’s what the internet believed until these rumors were recently squashed.

Our favorite 42-year-old reality TV star isn’t dating the recently split, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and legendary football player, Tom Brady, but they have been in contact with each other, and reports say they’re friendly, so what have they been talking about if it isn’t love?


Kim Kardashian is looking to buy a house in Tom Brady’s Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club neighborhood.

The 45-year-old retired football star is actually a resident of the Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club resort, an exclusive, members-only gated community owned by the Discovery Land Company. Many moons ago, when he and Gisele Bündchen were still married, they purchased a home together on the Caribbean island.


In fact, that’s where the couple jetted off to last summer when Tom Brady took 11 days off from the Buccaneer's training camp in order to work on their marriage. It clearly didn’t work out so well, and we’re unsure of whether or not the home is a sore subject for Brady, but according to Page Six, the pair seem to be friendly enough.

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“Kim and Tom are friendly. She phoned him and asked him for his advice on Baker’s Bay,” confirms Page Six’s “well-placed” source. This same source squashed the dating rumors and confirmed that there is “no romance” between the two.


A second source added that Kardashian is “very familiar” with the Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club community, revealing that she’s traveled there multiple times in the past. “She’s been eyeing property there for quite some time,” the source claims.

The luxury resort is home to a range of 5 to 8-bedroom homes that could set Kardashian back up to $24 million. Several homes have ocean views, docks, and even private beach access.

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A rep on Brady’s side had a chat with Entertainment Tonight, confirming the same thing — that there is no romance between the two. When Kardashian recently went for a visit, he actually wasn’t even around.


Kim Kardashian has dated famous athletes in the past, making this romance with Tom Brady seem plausible.

On the topic of football, Kardashian had been in a long-term relationship with ex-NFL star Reggie Bush starting in 2007, dating your a couple of years before breaking it off not once, but twice, amicably. A year later, she had a short fling with another former-NFL player, who is now a coach for the New York Jets, Miles Austin.

Moving on from football players a year later, how could we forget Kardashian’s marriage to Blake Griffin look-a-like, basketball player Kris Humphries? In 2011, the pair married after about a year of dating, and in 2011, they were divorced. Yes, you read that correctly — their marriage lasted 72 days.

Dating Brady wouldn’t be so far outside of her reach, but in reality, that relationship is far from the truth. According to a source from Page Six, the NFL star is “out and about” on the dating scene, rumored to have been on some dates with Reese Witherspoon, although that speculation had also been shut down.


A source close to Kardashian told Entertainment Tonight in April that “Kim is more open to dating again and putting herself out there.”

“She is feeling good and confident, and is in a great place,” they explained. Hopefully, that place isn’t Baker’s Bay, or else these reps have some serious explaining to do…

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