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Kim Kardashian Allegedly Calls Ray J 'Disgusting' & Slams Relationship Whitney Houston In Leaked Voicemail

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Kim Kardashian and Ray J voicemail about Whitney Houston

Kim Kardashian is under fire yet again for a voicemail allegedly sent to Ray J over a decade ago.  

Candace Owens has leaked the voicemail Kardashian left for ex-boyfriend Ray J on her “Candace Owens Podcast podcast.” 

In the alleged voicemail, Kim Kardashian slams Ray J's relationship with Whitney Houston.

A voice that Owens claims is The KKW beauty founder calls her ex “sick” and “disgusting” and labels the iconic singer an "old hag." 

Ray J and Whitney Houston never confirmed their relationship but were linked as far back as 2010. At the time, Ray J was 31 while Houston was 48.

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The pair were believed to have been together until Houston’s untimely death in 2012.   

It is unclear where the audio came from nor is it confirmed that Kardashian is speaking in the clip.

"I think you’re honestly a sick human being," the woman Owens claims is Kardashian says.

"You are just so desperate that you’ll do anything for f-----g attention, and you’re so disgusting. Go have fun with old hag Whitney Houston, you’re so sick."

She continues, "Crack is definitely not whack with you guys. You are just, honestly, it makes me laugh how disgusting you guys look.”

She then quotes lyrics from Houston's 1998 hit saying, "It's not right but it's ok. I'm definitely going to make it anyway."

Candace Owens is using the unverified voicemail in her attack against Kim Kardashian.

In her own rhetoric, Owens focused the podcast episode on the Black men Kardashian has had relationships with to get to where she is today before “leaving them in the dust.”

Owens states in the podcast “Some tapes are making the rounds of Kim Kardashian and she’s talking trash,” she continues, “It’s not the sweet little Kim K that she presents today.”

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She then goes on to state that the audio she had leaked is only just a sample of the full recording that has yet to be released to the public. 

Following Whitney's death from overdose in 2012, Kardashian tweeted her condolences. 

The Tweet read “Just heard the tragic news that Whitney Houston passed away. I pray for her daughter & loved ones. We will always love you Whitney…” 

Kardashian tells Ray J to leave her alone and stop calling her in the voicemail. 

Owens claims Kardashian was calling the singer's phone because she had a problem with Ray J getting more publicity and exposure for his then relationship with Houston.  

The entire voicemail audio is apparently more graphic and shocking than the excerpt released. 

Owens stated that she would be willing to have Ray J on her podcast to further discuss the Kardashian family’s control over the industry. 

Owens claims “He’s [Ray J] rightfully angry and I want to keep covering that because a family like this should be exposed.”

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