Kim Kardashian's 'Master Plan' To Build North West's Fame Is Selfish Parenting

North West lives in the spotlight, but her public persona might not be her choice.

Kim Kardashian, North West Instagram

Kim Kardashian is firmly centered in the ongoing cultural conversation about fame, wealth, and influence. While many believe that she and her family have overstayed their welcome in the spotlight, the Kardashians don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

According to an insider report from InTouch Magazine, Kim Kardashian wants to use her 9-year-old daughter North West as a way to stay relevant and maintain her wealth.


Kim Kardashian reportedly has a ‘master plan’ to amplify North West’s fame.

A source told InTouch that because of North’s position as her eldest daughter, Kim has “always had hopes for her, but the pressure she puts on her, which may be unintentional, is real. Kim really thinks she’s helping her daughter.”

“North wants to be a big star, she says she wants to be bigger and more famous than her mom and dad,” the source continued. “That’s an enormous amount of pressure to put on a little kid.”

In a recent Instagram post, Kim featured photographs of herself alongside North, dressed head-to-toe in Chanel couture. Kim captioned the post, “It’s North’s world, I’m just in it.”


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By virtue of her parents’ fame, North West has access to a level of wealth that the majority of the world will never have, and a large contingency of the internet is calling Kim out on how she’s raising her daughter. Most of the comments beneath Kim’s post followed a common theme– that North is only 9, and should be allowed to just be a kid.


But apparently, Kim Kardashian has a ‘master plan’ to elevate North West’s fame, as ‘that’s the Kardashian rule book—fame is the name of the game.’

“If Kim had her way, North would already have her own reality show, clothing line, and established brand… she’s not that far off, though, it’s all part of the master plan. It’s all about being in the spotlight and staying relevant,” the source stated. The SKIMS founder has been accused in the past of using her young daughter's presence on TikTok as a way to stay relevant in the rapidly-changing landscape of building followers on social media platforms.



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Kim has already established multiple trademarks in her children’s names, in a supposed effort to continue the expansion of her family’s wealth and fame. The move to do so led many people to call out Kim as a narcissistic parent, one more focused on monetizing her children than offering them a safe, nurturing space to figure out for themselves who they are in the world. 


The Newport Institute defines narcissism as “characterized by intense self-centeredness… Because narcissistic people see themselves as the center of the universe, they see their children as extensions of themselves.”

The Newport Institute is careful to delineate a difference between people who exhibit narcissistic traits from people who have been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, explaining that “narcissism is distinguished from narcissistic personality disorder by the frequency, intensity, and duration that one displays narcissistic traits. While narcissists sometimes exhibit narcissistic behaviors to a moderate degree, people with narcissistic personality disorder routinely exhibit them to a severe degree, exploiting others for their own benefit.”

For the child of a narcissist, this can mean that they’re “valued more for what they do than who they are,” and therefore, “children of narcissistic parents lack healthy self-images.”


The Kardashian family maintains fame for fame’s sake. They’ve established a virtual empire based on their mere existence. It’s no surprise that Kim would position her daughter to carry the mantle of remaining relevant– even if it’s a potentially damaging style of parenting to practice. 

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