Kim Kardashian Fans Blame Kanye West For Her Kids' Behavior On Instagram Live

They're just kids being kids.

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Kim Kardashian went on Instagram live on Tuesday, June 21, with two of the four children that she co-parents with ex-husband and billionaire rapper, Kanye West.

Many tuned in to the live stream of Kardashian sitting in the car with Saint and Psalm West and took note of Saint’s rambunctious behavior, which seemed to be spreading to his little brother Psalm.

And though fans are finding the humor in their behavior, they're noting that it's not their typically-calm mother who passed down their attitudes.


Kim Kardashian fans blame Kanye West for her kids' behavior on Instagram Live.

People all over Twitter and Reddit give the resounding call that yes, those are definitely Kanye West's kids.

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West has solidified his place in the public and on social media for being loud and outspoken — saying things that you wouldn’t normally expect someone so famous to say and despising paparazzi.


In recent months, he has been in a constant battle with Kardashian over recording videos with North on TikTok, so fans are drawing conclusions about why Saint started acting up the moment Kardashian went live.

“Mr. Man,” Kardashian begins the live stream, calling out to 3-year-old Psalm and 6-year-old Saint. “Say ‘hi.’ This is called Instagram Live.”

Psalm humors his mother and says hello to the people on Instagram, but Saint comes into the frame behind him with another plan.

“Hi weirdos!” he yells out to the camera, prompting a “Hey, stop it!” from Kardashian.

Psalm, begins copying his older brother but is interrupted by yet another outburst from Saint, who yells “If you’re watching this I hate you!”


“Look what you’re teaching him,” Kardashian yells to her son as Psalm copies Saint again.

But the little troublemaker quickly decided to drop the facade and show his sweeter side, grabbing hold of his little brother and repeating for the live feed, “This is a good boy.”

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Any parent knows that children will behave this way for the express purpose of pushing buttons and that it doesn’t equate to bad children or bad parenting, but many people couldn’t help but notice that this behavior is similarly in line with how Kanye himself would act.


“Yeah that’s definitely Kanye’s kids lmao,” wrote one person on Twitter.

The RapTV Twitter account referred to them as “Kanye’s kids,” implying that this behavior is something they would expect from the Yeezy designer.

Someone on Reddit even pointed out that in Kanye’s song, “No More Parties In LA,” he refers to Saint as “baby Ye,” and adds that he’s not “worried about him.”


But many people ran to defend the children who are just being children since some are criticizing both Saint and Kardashian.

“Kids love to say things for shock value and attention,” said one user on Reddit. “It doesn't mean they're bad kids. It means they're pushing boundaries because that's a key part of their development.”

While Saint likely grabs some behavior through observing both of his parents, he’s also still growing and learning in an environment that isn’t the norm for most kids.


Plus, it gives all of us fans something to laugh at whenever they do something funny.

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