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Keanu Reeves Has A 'No Touching' Policy With Female Fans That Proves He's The Ultimate Gentleman

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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has proven himself to be the nicest man in Hollywood time and time again.

The actor, best known for his role as John Wick, has always remained humble despite his immense fame and fortune. He doesn't act selflessly so the media will notice him either, it's just who he is.

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Keanu Reeves reportedly has a 'no touching' policy with female fans.

Though Reeves has never downright said it was a rule of his, he never touches female fans in photographs.

One fan took to Twitter to show multiple examples where this was the case.

The internet has gone wild over the photos, branding him the "ultimate gentleman" after numerous photographs of the actor showed him posing with women without touching them at all. Some speculate his hovering hands could be out of respect for his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, who he began dating in 2019 — others think he's just a really nice guy.

While some think Reeves avoids touching women out of respect, others think he does it out of fear.

Fans on Twitter expressed their opinions on the photos. Some think that a hug is not disrespectful and that he may be afraid of cancel culture. One user thinks he avoids touching them because he fears sexual misconduct allegations.

“This isn’t normal lol. The people who say ‘he’s being respectful’ are applauding a culture of fear as opposed to one of affection,” she writes. “He’s doing this out of fear, not a sense of respect. There is nothing disrespectful about a hug in the first place.”

“Smart guy, sad world,” another adds.

However, the majority of commenters applaud his respect.

“So I didn’t really care for Keanu Reeves but then I saw a bunch of pictures of him with women and he has his arm around them but isn’t actually touching them and keeps his hands off their waists and now he’s my baby,” one says.

Another user chimes in, adding “Impossible to feel more love and respect for someone I may never meet. He is pure class and we (earth) is a better place for having him here.”

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Reeves has proven many times before that he is the most down to Earth celebrity ever.

In 2014, Reeves waited in the rain for 20 minutes before getting inside his own party because he didn’t want to skip people in line.

The club owner even spoke on it, saying “I didn’t know he was kept waiting, and he didn’t say anything to me. He’s a very relaxed person.”

Another time he drove a stranger 50 miles home after his attempt to jumpstart her car didn’t work, according to a user who commented on a 2010 Reddit post.

Many people say you shouldn't meet your favorite celebrity because you may be let down, but almost everyone who has met Reeves has said good things about him — he always makes time to talk and take pictures with fans.

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