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Justin Theroux's Alleged History Of Dating Teenagers Amid Rumors He's Dating His On-Screen Daughter

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Justin Theroux

Actor Justin Theroux is being exposed after a Reddit user claimed he has an extensive history of dating teenagers.

In the Reddit post titled: "Exposing 51-year-old actor Justin Theroux’s pattern of dating teenagers - including one he met at 17," the user does a deep dive into the actor's alleged dating history, including a current rumor that he is involved with his on-screen daughter, who is 20.

Much of the post is unverified but the user does claim to have inside information.

According to the Reddit user, after Theroux and Jennifer Aniston ended their marriage in late 2017, Theroux began seeing an 18-year-old girl, who is called "B" in the post.

She worked at the New York City restaurant, The Smile, which was owned by Theroux's best friend, Carlos Quirarte.

According to the Reddit post, one source said the two lived together during the pandemic, their relationship lasted from 2018 to 2021. 

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In March 2020, Theroux was spotted out with a mystery woman while grocery shopping during the pandemic. 

"It’s clear, Justin Theroux met a teenage girl working at his best friend’s restaurant when he was a married man in his mid-40s and had a 2+ year relationship with her starting when she was 22/23," the user wrote.

Justin Theroux is rumored to be dating Logan Polish, his onscreen daughter.

Polish, 20, stars alongside him on the Apple TV+ series "The Mosquito Coast."

The rumors first began after celebrity gossip site Deux Moi posted a tip in September 2021 about an "actor and actress" who "met on the set of this recently filmed movie" and were "hooking up."

Eventually, people began to assume the actress referred to in DeuxMoi's post was Polish, who was 17 when production started on the show.

In the Reddit post, the user notes that Polish posted the "first off-set photo" of Theroux, which was taken two days after she turned 18, and later, in February 2020, Polish and Theroux posted identical pictures on the beach in Mexico at the same time.

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In the summer of 2021, Theroux and Polish, who was 19 at the time, along with another friend of Theroux's, were photographed having dinner.

In August 2021, Theroux and Polish were at the Innes Hotel, and the following month, Polish was at Theroux and Quirarte's bar in New York City.

The most recent indication that Polish and Theroux might be in a relationship comes after Polish, who turned 20 in February 2022, posted an Instagram story in May 2022 of Theroux's dog, Kuma.

"This brings us to now, when word has gotten out. But JT is not fazed. He likes 20-year-olds, can’t stop him," the Reddit user writes, adding that Theroux was pictured with a 20-year-old model, Sarah Jane, on Instagram.

"That’s what we have thus far on Justin Theroux’s love of meeting teenagers at their jobs and spending lots and lots and lots of time with them - including bringing them into his bars when they’re underage," they concluded, adding that a source had sent them "receipts from a private account" but asked them not to be posted.

Theroux's current dating history includes actresses Emma Stone and Laura Harrier, who insisted that they were just friends, Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Bivens, and Elizabeth Hurley, who also claimed her and Theroux were just friends.

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