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Fans Concerned By Madonna's 'Scary' Social Media Posts About Drugs And Alcohol

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Madonna’s recent behavior has sparked some concern from her very large, very diverse fan base.

Ever since those unfiltered photos were released and Madonna jumped back into the spotlight over criticisms of her cosmetic surgeries and youthful appearance, her every move has been watched and analyzed by (underqualified) internet psychologists everywhere.

Now, Madonna’s fans are worried that the once-Queen of Pop is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while filming TikToks.

Is Madonna OK?

Fans are concerned for Madonna due to the many TikToks she has been recording where she puts her phone in selfie mode and records herself over whatever song she chooses, but that’s literally all that’s happening.

Ageism concerns and criticisms are not uncommon in Madonna’s comments.

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It seems like on every single post she makes, someone is there asking her if she’s “okay,” even if she’s just promoting her newest single.

But in January, she posted a slightly bizarre TikTok where she covered the frame with stickers of the many characters/animals in Bambi, gave herself a filter, and shared some quotes.



The quotes were from three of her favorite books, she said, quoting moments from The Alchemist, The Passion, and The Little Prince.

In the 47-second clip, it seems like she’s struggling with putting her words together or jumbling them up at certain points with a clear change in her cadence, and although I’ve seen much worse from myself on any given Saturday night, this still warrants a pause for concern.

The top comment reads “Me drunk on my snap story,” while others share their concerns by noting that this behavior doesn’t seem normal.

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However, most shrugged it off and showed their support in spite of the few criticisms, until six days ago when she opted for the format again, but removed the conversation about quotes and got much more up close and personal.

The song that played was Madonna’s latest single, “Frozen” featuring Sickick, and saw the 63-year-old with low hanging eyelids, red eyes, and a filter that adds fake freckles to her face while she mouthed the words and looked into the camera, doing nothing else.



Fans immediately shared their reactions and fears.

“You’re allowed to look over 20,” said one person, “i’m not gonna lie this scared me so bad,” said the next while others raised even more drug concerns.

“Madonna [is on] another planet,” read a comment on TikTok, “Too high mama, come back down,” read another.

Another post from Madonna on the same day, this time with the song “Ginseng Strip 2002” by Yung Lean, shows her doing the same thing except instead of mouthing the words, she’s rubbing her eye with her hand and leaving her middle finger.



Madonna also shared an Instagram video joking about taking drugs.

In the video, the singer is seen taking a rather large gulp of alcohol and saying, "Hi, I'm drunk."

She later rubs her nostril and says, "I'm waiting for the cocaine to kick in."

Concern quickly turns into fear the night before the Grammys where she posts again in the same format, returning to using her single as the sound and looking much more indisposed as she closes in for a kiss with the camera in a mesh top that reveals her chest.

Now, even famous TikTokers are getting concerned with Madonna’s behavior.



Harry Jowsey replied, “What’s going on here,” artist Tobias Dray asked, “U good bro?” and The Bentist commented, “I’m Out.”

It’s uncertain where this current formula for Madonna’s TikToks will go, it’s certainly concerning to see the pop icon in such a confusing state.

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