Husband Claims He 'Messed Up' By Getting Tested To See If His Kidney Would Be A Match For His Wife

The doctor said they had an "abnormally high match percentage."

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A man on Reddit went to the popular “r/tifu” subreddit, which stands for “Today, I F--ked Up,” and posted about the way he messed up his life by getting tested to see if his kidney would be a match for his wife who needed a transplant.

He claimed that they had been married for six years and had two kids, but she had gotten sick just after their son was born. None of her relatives were a good match and they had no viable donors, so he decided to get himself tested just to see what would happen.


Thanks to the test, he found out that he was a match for his wife, but also discovered that they are related.

He went into the test, and into the whole idea, thinking that it would never work, pretty much saying “what are the chances?” before finding out that the chances were actually very high.

“Last week I got tested. I knew it would be a long shot so I decided to get tested to see if I could donate. I got a call the other day saying that I was a match,” he explained in his post. “The doctor then said something about wanting to do additional testing due to some information from the HLA tissue test results. I didn't think much of it and agreed.”


man finds out he is related to his wife after getting tested for kidney donationPhoto: Reddit

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Once the results came back, he claimed that he was “shocked and confused.” He didn’t quite understand what the doctor was telling him, but the doctor did his best to convey what was happening in the most polite way possible.


“He explained that because of how DNA information is passed down through generations a parent to a child could have at least a 50% match. Siblings could have a 0-100% match,” he continued. “It was rare to have a high match as husband and wife. I asked what does that mean? He said that my wife and I have an 'abnormally high match percentage.'”

To put it simply, the man wanting to see if he was a match for kidney donation ended up finding out that he and his wife are related.

He emphasized that he wasn’t kidding and that he and his wife were related. To explain how exactly that could be possible, the man gave some background information on himself and his family.

The man was put up for adoption when he was born into a family that moved across the country.

He claimed that although he knew he was adopted the entire time, he knew absolutely nothing about his biological parents or family — it was a closed adoption.


“I met my wife by chance 8 years ago. I was on a trip from work and she was working at the [site] I went to. We worked together for a week,” he explained. “We exchanged numbers [and] kept in touch.”

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The information was so wild that even the podcast Two Hot Takes covered the man's story, sharing a clip to TikTok.



The man continued, saying, “I was sent back there 3 more times that year and each time we became closer. I was given the [opportunity] to be transferred out there in a new higher paying position in a different department as hers the rest is history.”


Now that he found out they are related, he doesn’t know what he should do moving forward. He reiterated that she’s the mother of their kids and that they’re married — she’s his wife and has been for six years.

However, commenters told him not to lose all hope. After all, the doctor could be wrong, and even if he isn’t, who cares?

One person wrote, “Look at the bright side, you can give your wife many other years to live, and your children a healthy mother they can grow with. It's a miracle.”


“Maybe you are related, maybe not. Who gives a damn? YOU CAN SAVE YOUR WIFE DUDE. That's what really matters.”

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