People Concerned For New Mom Who Revealed The 'Dumb Things' Her Husband Did While She Was In Labor

The mom defended her husband before ultimately deleting both videos.

Jenna MacLellan list of dumb things husband did while she was in labor TikTok @fiancefinancial and @franchesca_leigh / TikTok

A new mom on TikTok recently posted (and rapidly deleted) a video she uploaded listing all the “dumb things” her husband did while she was in labor with their child. Though it appeared she made the list in jest, people were quick to criticize her husband's actions as examples of weaponized incompetence.

The new mom's list of "dumb things" her husband did while she was in labor accidentally revealed how selfish he was.

“Today I want to walk you through all of the dumb things my husband did when I was in labor in chronological order, with timestamps,” Jenna MacLellan (@fiancefinancial) said in her TikTok. Although the video was supposed to be lighthearted and even included the infamous “#marriagehumor” hashtag, people did not find it as funny as she did.


“So coming in hot, 6 PM,” she starts her list. “My water broke at 2 PM, so at 6 PM, things are happening and he asked me what was for dinner. I’m like ‘I’m a little busy dilating. I can’t fire up the fajitas right now honey, you’re on your own.’”



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How goofy and quirky of her husband to ask her what’s for dinner when she’s clearly going through labor, right? Well, a woman named Franchesca Ramsey (who kindly stitched the video) provided her own translation of what was going on. For this list item, Ramsey wrote “Nothing should stand in the way of my husband’s dinner. Not even the birth of our child.”

At around 9 PM, MacLellan claims she’s on her hands and knees in their bedroom, about to throw up, when her husband walks in and gives her their dog’s food bowl, making the joke that she should use that to throw up in. 

Ramsey’s translation for this one was “I’m in pain and my husband’s first instinct is to make a ‘joke’ comparing me to our dog.” There’s a common trend here.

“I’m now on another planet, it’s 1 AM, and we are on our way to the hospital,” she says. However, her husband decided to take the scenic route — a route they had never taken before. Ramsey’s translation is “Despite being nauseous, in active labor, and immense pain, my husband deliberately delayed our trip to the hospital.”


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The new mom was accused of minimizing her husband’s behavior despite how egregious it was.

His behavior continued — he did things like send half-naked photos of his wife to her family just after giving birth without a second thought about the clothes she wasn’t wearing, and asked her for half her protein bar because he was hungry because he hadn’t made dinner earlier.

In a part of Ramsey’s translations, she says “I’m minimizing it because it’s easier than admitting how bad it was,” and that’s exactly what it seems like she’s doing.



Another woman stitched MacLellan’s video and touched on this very premise. “Like these girls will post these videos talking s--t about their man for doing the most disgusting, disrespectful, incompetent, and just straight-up cruel stuff to them,” she starts. “And then when the internet rightfully drags them in the comments, they turn around and gaslight us and then act like we are crazy for calling out all of the red flags.”


This seems to be a common trend in the age of the internet and social media we live in now where there’s no privacy and everyone’s relationship is… well, everyone’s. One comment sums it up pretty well, saying “They use [humor] to cope and feed into the safe delusion that it's just funny and normal for men to do that. when [people] call it out, it gets too real.”

Judging by the fact that she deleted the post, it’s fair to say that she wasn’t very appreciative of the feedback she received on it. She posted it thinking it would be something funny to share, but instead, people pointed out how selfish this man was and how it didn’t seem like he cared about her at all.

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