Hairstylist Encourages 'Silent Appointments' For People With Anxiety Who Just Don't Want To Talk

The trend is cropping up across many industries.

woman getting hair done at salon Lindsay Cash / Unsplash

Attending a hair salon appointment usually means having to endure an hour or more of small talk and casual conversation with the hairdresser. For those who struggle with anxiety, these conversations are sometimes difficult, uncomfortable and harder to manage.

Some hairstylists are starting to implement a way to make client experiences easier and more anxiety-friendly.

Hairstylist Bailey Lavender is encouraging clients with anxiety to ask for a 'silent appointment.'

A TikTok user who goes by Bailey Lavender, username @thebaileylavender, posted a video to her account in December 2021 about her silent hair appointments.


In Lavender’s video, she pretended to be a client who had asked to have a silent appointment because of “stuff going on.” Lavender then posed as herself, a hairdresser, and said, “I would love you either way” and that “it was okay.”



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Many viewers thanked Lavender for bringing this to light.

Her popular video received over 200,000 likes and had many people supporting the inclusive idea in the comments. Many wrote that they would, “pay double to go to a salon where this was actually an option.”

Lavender’s video from 2021 sparked conversation today about anxiety in salons, and how difficult it can be for many to continue a long and possibly awkward conversation. Lavender mentioned in a comment that with a good stylist, a silent appointment is something clients could ask for without judgment.

Another TikTok user who goes by "@erinmbooher" discussed the silent appointment idea and reassured viewers with anxiety or discomfort that she would not find it weird at all. In her video, she gave tips for those with anxiety, and how to overcome the stresses of attending a hair appointment. 

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Some do think that the idea is weird and “self-indulgent” as Nine Honey stated in their article about the subject. They wrote about how the rise of COVID-19 caused people to want to have more "me-time" sessions at appointments. 

A lot of people wrote throughout Lavender's comment section that they prefer quieter appointments and because of their anxiety, they do not book appointments at all. Many even said, “this is the one and only reason I've never once gotten my hair done professionally.”

There were many positive comments on both Booher’s and Lavender’s posts where supporters expressed their respect for hair stylists that have made their salon more inclusive to those who have issues with anxiety.

hair stylist makes inclusive space for those with anxiety Photo: cottonbro studios / Pexels


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For many, anxiety can be debilitating and deter people from making appointments.

In areas such as appointments at the dentist's office, nail salons, etc., not everyone has an easy experience attending, so making the space quieter upon request may help someone become more comfortable with making important and oftentimes necessary appointments.

The purpose of silent appointments is to eliminate any talking where it's unnecessary in order to lift the pressure of societal obligations. It’s always nice to support those with mental health issues, especially when they just want to live their lives the same as others do. 


Overall, many commented on how they wanted to start going to Lavender’s hair salon, hopefully, she has gotten more clients and is running a successful salon where silent appointments run wild.

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