Grown Woman Asks Her Father Why He Has Her Photos In His Wallet — The Real Reason Is Sweeter Than You Can Imagine

He doesn't have to say it for her to know how much she means to him.

Antonia Wroten and her father on TikTok @antonia.wroten / TikTok

A woman named Antonia Wroten recently shared a video from the inside of a car while she was out with her father. As he rummaged through his wallet, Wroten found that he had not one, but two photos of her in there along with some other items.

Curious as to why he was keeping some old photos of her in his wallet, she tried to ask him what they were doing in there, but he was reluctant to give a straightforward answer. The real reason he kept her photos in there was sweeter than you think.


The reason the dad keeps his daughter's photos in his wallet is because he loves her dearly and wants to keep her with him.

It’s a short, 23-second clip, but the caption says it all. “My dad is definitely not the mushy type but he loves me for sure” it reads, as the text inside the video reads “POV: You have an ‘emotionless’ dad who shows his love in every other way.”



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As soon as she cuts the camera on and tries to get in the man’s face with it, he says, “Excuse me!” in a playful tone. “Why are there pictures of me in there?” Wroten asks her father. “That’s my wallet and I do what I want!” he responds.

She tells him to move his hands for the camera and she catches the two photos of her in there — one from a graduation of some sort, maybe college, and the other from a photo day at school. “Why do you have to carry that?” she asks once more. Without backing down, he repeats, “Because it’s my wallet and I want to carry it!”

“Do you have to see your daughter every day?” she jokes, but then she gets into talking about how the photos of her are ugly, picking one of them up and revealing her fingerprint ID that he also holds on to. “Why do you have fingerprints? Stalker!” she jokes, as he has nothing left to say but “Look, look, look, look. Well…”

Fingerprints aren’t exactly things parents normally carry everywhere they go, but they show just how much Wroten’s father loves her and is proud of her. He may not say it, but it’s clear that he cares for her deeply, especially with the way they mess around with each other — you can tell they have a close relationship.


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In a follow-up video, you can see more examples of his love for his daughter.

After the first video went viral, Wroten decided to record a follow-up video featuring her father dancing in the very beginning. “This how you act when you go viral on TikTok? He thinks he’s all that y’all,” she teases. He takes it all in and jokes back, “I’m a hit, huh?” smiling and laughing.

As he gets ready for work she follows him through his routine — spraying cologne, brushing his hair, teasing him as he goes through every process and he calls her “jealous” of him. Then she gets down to the reason she started filming the follow-up video to begin with.



“Yeah, I was trying to show you all that my dad keeps all his birthday cards and stuff he gets from us because that's from me,” she explains. “A lot of these are from me. Don't play with it. All the good cards are from the girl.”


On the wall, dozens upon dozens of birthday cards and celebration cards are taped and put on full display. They clearly mean a lot to him, so he keeps them all on the wall along with photos of Wroten herself.

Although he may not explicitly state it — what, with toxic masculinity telling men that they can’t show their emotions — he certainly does show it in other, more subtle ways.

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