After Her Daughter Spent 9 Weeks Away With Her Dad A Mom Accidentally Records The Stepmom Being Rude To Her At The Airport Reunion

The woman claims that her daughter's step-mother "acts like this" during every child-swap.

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A mother was thrilled to be reunited with her daughter after she spent the summer living with her father. However, when she met them at the airport, her daughter’s stepmother was less than thrilled.

The woman unintentionally captured her daughter's stepmother's rude reaction on camera.

Sav Pabla is co-parenting her three-year-old daughter with her ex-boyfriend and his new partner. Since her daughter’s father lives in a different state, her daughter is often away from her for several weeks when she is with her dad. 


Over the summer, Pabla’s daughter spent nine weeks visiting her father. When she was finally reunited with Pabla, she decided to capture the sweet moment on video when she met her at the airport. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 2 million views, Pabla waits for her toddler at the arrival gate, and she leaps into her mother’s arms upon seeing her. 

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“My daughter spent 9 weeks with her dad. I was denied pictures, videos, and was only given a handful of Facetime calls during this time,” Pabla wrote in the text overlay of the video.  Although their reunion was not the only moment she recorded. 


“I thought I was recording a cute video. Instead, I recorded a bitter step-mom who was flipping me off the entire time,” Pabla shared. 

A slow-motion video clip depicted her daughter’s stepmother glaring at the camera and subtly giving her the bird while Taylor Swift’s “Mean” plays in the background.



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While Pabla admits that she was not mad at her daughter’s stepmother’s rudeness, she does think that her behavior was “silly,” considering that she is a Captain in the United States Air Force. 

“This is how she acts at every single child custody exchange,” she adds. 

It is crucial that the adults in these situations make the effort to keep things between themselves civil for the sake of the children. 

Although the transition to becoming a blended family can be difficult for all parties, communication between biological and step-parents can make it run more smoothly. 

It is obvious that Pabla’s daughter’s stepmother has some bitter feelings toward her. However, instead of broadcasting those feelings publicly, and in front of her step-daughter, she should discuss it with Pabla privately so that the two can talk through it and work out a proper solution to get better acquainted with one another. 


The best interest of the children should always be the shared priority of both sides, and it is clear that Pabla’s daughter is very much loved and cared for. 

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