Woman Calls Mother-In-Law A Cry Baby For Insisting The Mom Change The Date Of Her Son's 1st Birthday Party Since It Falls On Her 50th

Her mother-in-law argues that her grandson "won't remember" his first birthday.

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A woman has sparked a family feud over scheduling conflicts for her one-year-old son’s birthday party.

Since her son and mother-in-law share a birthday, her mother-in-law wants her to move her grandson’s birthday party so that she could celebrate her own. However, the woman is refusing to move her son’s party since he is “just a little kid” and feels that his first birthday is more important than hers. 


Now, she is wondering if she is in the wrong for not changing the date of her son’s party. 

The woman called her mother-in-law a ‘crybaby’ for insisting her grandson’s party be moved since it falls on her 50th birthday. 

Sharing her story to the subreddit, r/AmITheA–hole, the woman revealed that her mother-in-law “f–king loves her birthday” and often goes over the top in celebrating. 

“She kept joking when I was pregnant that if I went into labor on her birthday (two days before my due date) I better hold him in,” the woman wrote. “Well karma, he was born on her birthday and she was not pleased.” 


This year, the woman’s son will be turning one and her mother-in-law will be turning 50. Since her son’s birthday falls on a Saturday, the woman decided it was the perfect opportunity to hold his birthday party then. 

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“I was super excited that I could have his first party on the actual day, and immediately started making plans,” she wrote. 

However, her mother-in-law is planning on having her own birthday party on the same day. She insisted that her daughter-in-law move her grandson’s party to another weekend. 


“I thought that was ridiculous because one of them is a little kid and it isn't her,” the woman admitted, adding that her in-law’s parties are typically an all-day project, and there is an endless list of preparations to be done before and after the party. 

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After the woman refused to move her son’s party, her mother-in-law became upset, arguing that her grandson won’t even “remember” his first birthday. Her father-in-law also claimed that his wife had the right to have her party on her actual birthday since she was “born first.” 


“I told my mother-in-law she was being a crybaby and to build a bridge and get over it,” the woman wrote. “I said he is a little kid, so his [birthday] is more important than hers, and she can do her ridiculous pageant/birthday party another day.” 

The woman’s decision has caused family tension. 

She explained that her mother-in-law is refusing to speak to her and her sister-in-laws calling her an “a–hole.” Her mother-in-law is still holding her birthday party on the same day as her grandson’s. 

“This means the family will go to her party,” the woman wrote. “I feel like she is being really immature.” 

She added that they cannot do a joint party since her mother-in-law “throws huge fancy parties, cocktail attire, open bar, going until 2 am, and with some vulgar friends.” 


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People were split on who in the family was in the wrong.

Most people disagreed with the woman and encouraged her to change the date of her son’s birthday party. 

“You are being stubborn and your mother-in-law is right, your son won’t care if his birthday is on Sunday or the week after,” one Redditor commented. “You are going to have this problem every year. Be better. This shouldn’t be a hill to die on this year.” 

“Your son's birthday party is literally only for you,” another user noted. “I can't imagine a one-year-old’s birthday party taking that long anyway, so just have your parties at separate times on the same day.” 


However, other people believed that the woman’s mother-in-law was acting just as immature as she was. 

“Your mother-in-law needs to figure out how to share in general because she is going to share this day for the rest of her life,” one user wrote. “You're both being incredibly immature.” 

“She is ridiculous for being upset that she and your child share the birthday,” another user commented. 


“Everyone here is acting less mature than the birthday boy,” another user pointed out. 

In big families, we may have to deal with the possibility of birthdays falling on the same day.

Instead of throwing tantrums and having petty arguments, it is better to sit down with family members in advance and plan out events like birthday parties to avoid scheduling conflicts. 

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