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Engaged Couple Decide To Require All Wedding Guests To Be Vaccinated — Now Family Is Refusing To Comply

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Covid policies and mandates remain a contentious issue today just as they have been throughout the pandemic.

These mandates and policies have been hot-button topics in politics and have helped to further drive a wedge in our society.

Now, the strife over Covid mandates and vaccines may ruin one couple’s wedding.

In a post to the subreddit r/wedding, one Reddit user explained their situation.

Their family are not happy with their vaccine mandate for their wedding.

The Redditor explains that they are planning on requiring that everyone who attends their wedding be vaccinated, saying, “We have decided to require vaccines in addition to testing. My fiancés family is all vaccinated and thought it was a great idea."

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"Mine is 50/50 vaxxed. With even the vaxxed people thinking this is a dumb idea.”

The Covid vaccines have been a controversial issue since they initially became available a year ago. However, as evidence confirming that the vaccines are perfectly safe continues to build people are running out of excuses to not get vaccinated.

Vaccines are a noble requirement for weddings.

As the Reddit user acknowledges, it is in everyone's best interest to be vaccinated while attending a large gathering.

“If someone died from my wedding we wouldn’t forgive ourselves,” they wrote.

The Redditor also described the lack of sympathy that they received from their family over the decision, writing, “My family is beyond mad at me and won’t talk to me. They think I’m the worst person ever and unfair. They think I’m not respecting everyone’s wishes."

"My family says it be that persons fault for not being vaccinated. This whole pandemic my family has thought we take Covid too seriously. It’s so hard. I’m so upset.”

Most reasonable people would issue a response that went something along the lines of “screw yourself” and have the wedding without whoever wished to boycott it.

The situation is always far more complicated when it’s actually your family that's involved.

u/AngelLovely1 concluded by saying, “They don’t support my stance, they’re just making me the bad person. I cried all night and am so sad. They think I’m being ridiculous and don’t care to see my point of view.”

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It’s obvious why this situation is distressing, especially when their family is trying to say that u/AngelLovely1 is the one that’s being unreasonable despite simply asking that everyone get the proven safe and effective vaccines for the global pandemic that’s been raging for the last two years.

Most of the commenters expressed support for the engaged couple.

Redditor u/PookSqueak conveyed support for u/AngelLovely1 in a comment on the post, saying, “You’re doing the right thing to keep yourself and your guests safe. At this point, vaccines plus testing is just what needs to happen to have a safe event."

"You want to have as many layers of protection as possible so nobody gets sick from attending, or if anyone does, you’ve done everything you can to prevent it. This situation sucks but it’s your wedding, and your rules. I hope your family comes around. Hugs.”

The reality of the situation is that the vaccines are as safe and effective as they could possibly be and all claims about rampant side effects and bad reactions are all unfounded. The Covid vaccines are safe, pride is what perpetuates the virus in the United States and puts those who can’t get the vaccines at risk.

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