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Groom Surprises Bride With His Vows Out Of Respect For Her ‘Beautiful’ Family

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bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony

The day that a couple gets married is a day that becomes permanently engraved in their minds, a beautiful, special and heart-warming memory that they are to be reminded of every day. The day is also a special moment for the bride and groom's families, and one groom surprised his bride by going out of his way to ensure his new wife's family felt included. 

The popular YouTube couple known as Andrea and Lewis had recently gotten married and shared parts of the ceremony with their 1.23 million subscribers.

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Lewis' wedding vows in particular have the internet swooning.

The couple uploaded the moment to TikTok with a video showing Lewis, who is Irish, surprising Andrea, who is Puerto Rican, with vows in her family's native language of Spanish.

"My Irish husband surprised me with Spanish vows so my family could also understand," the couple wrote in the video.

Lewis had to learn Spanish so that her Puerto Rican family could understand his vows, showing the deep love and respect he must hold for her and her family.



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The last few words that he spoke in Spanish were, “For you, I would learn a thousand languages. I love you,” causing Andrea to break out in tears and have a beautiful exchange with her new husband. 

They also posted his full vows on their YouTube channel, which captured every kind and endearing word he said to her.

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The comment section helped spread the beauty of their marriage journey.

The couple has been posting about their relationship for years, including telling stories about their experiences with long distance and other challenges. They’ve made a great deal of their channel about their relationship, and their viewers have been supporting them for quite some time. 

Andrea and Lewis have posted videos about their relationship frequently on their channel, including a honeymoon plan, their dream venue, their proposal, etc, making viewers feel as though they were wedding guests themselves.

Supporters of the couple in the comment section helped spread the happiness by writing, “why am I crying it’s not my wedding” and, “waited so long! So happy for you guys.”

However, not every moment they've shared has been bright and beautiful. Over the past few years, the couple has posted some questionable videos to their channel, some of which have gotten them serious backlash. Such videos clearly intended to prank their audience, such as a breakup video that was posted two years ago around the same time Lewis had proposed to Andrea. They also had uploaded a cheating prank and a prank in which Andrea allowed him to “sleep with” another girl. 

Despite the backlash and the sometimes inappropriate pranks, they celebrated their marriage together and with their long-term viewers. 

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