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Gigi Hadid Reveals The One Rule She & Zayn Malik Follow To Co-Parent Their Daughter Successfully

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Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid is opening up about co-parenting with Zayn Malik after their high-profile breakup in 2021 — and it sounds like the former couple have it down.

Hadid revealed in an interview with The Sunday Times that while she “always wanted to be a mom,” she “was never obsessive about it or [thought that] I was put on this Earth to be a mom," however her maternal instincts are certainly strong if her quotes on co-parenting are anything to go by.

Hadid gave birth to her daughter Khai on September 23, 2020, making Khai a Libra. The 27-year-old model and Malik, 30, ended their tumultuous five-year relationship in 2021, about a year after Khai entered the world.

While Hadid and Malik are no longer involved romantically, they still work together to co-parent Khai.

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Gigi Hadid revealed the rule she and Malik follow to co-parent their daughter successfully.

Hadid shared that their co-parenting philosophy revolves around the idea of “keeping the importance of the child's happiness at the forefront.” 

Co-parenting with an ex can be challenging, especially if your parenting techniques don’t automatically line up. 

Kate Anthony, a certified life coach specializing in co-parenting, separation, and divorce, told YourTango in 2020 that she advises co-parenting exes to “put the child in the center, not the middle,” and to think about what’s in the child’s best interest as far as parenting decisions are concerned.

Hadid and Malik are successful co-parents because they center their parenting styles around Khai’s happiness. Speaking about co-parenting with an ex, Hadid says “you have a long life alongside this person.” Hadid places value on Khai’s relationship with Malik, separately from their relationship as exes.

“That she can be with both parents makes me very happy,” Hadid stated.

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The busy mom and model also explained how she manages her work-life balance.

“I’ve always been quite organized, so having Khai at the time that I did was a blessing,” she said. Hadid tries to schedule her modeling gigs and other business trips “when Khai is with her dad.”

In 2021, before the couple's split Malik said that parenting is “a really different pace of life, but it’s been really easy to adjust and that’s the most surprising.”

“I just love spending my days with her, hanging out with her, and just doing really relaxing and chill stuff with her,” he said in an interview with Valentine In The Morning. 

A year prior, Malik stated on the Zach Sang Show that while he spends a lot of time with Khai, he also takes time for himself.

“When I can get the evening to myself, I try to come over here and do a bit of writing and Gi is really cool about it. It has been easy. She’s wicked.”

Hadid and Malik clearly have a deep love for their daughter and respect for each other as parents. They seem to be well on their way to a nurturing and prosperous co-parenting journey. 

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