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Former Chanel Employee Reveals The Sneaky Way Men Cheat On Their Wives Around The Holidays

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A former Chanel employee is revealing a heartbreaking truth about their rich male customers cheating on their unsuspecting wives during the holidays. 

While Hill was only 19 years old when she was employed at Chanel, she says she “caught on” to cheating customers’ behavior patterns quickly. 

“Around the holiday season when guys would come in, they would typically come in to buy their wife a fragrance, or her favorite lipstick, or her skincare [materials],” she reports. “Whatever it was, we had it all on file.” 

Describing the shocking revelation in a TikTok video, Shannon Hill (@shannonhillnews) recalls what occurred at the Chanel counter while she worked there as a college student. 

“I have a little story, little tea for you guys if you will, about what husbands buy for not only their wife, but their mistress, too,” Hill tells viewers. 

The woman claims that the men would buy their wives and mistresses the same perfume to hide their affairs. 

Hill claims that while most male customers coming into the store to buy their wives gifts for the holidays were not cheating, she noticed a pattern in what those who were cheating on their wives would purchase. 

“They would come in and buy their wife her favorite fragrance, they’d get it all wrapped really nicely, and then they would buy the same fragrance for their mistress,” she says. 



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Hill claims that this was done intentionally by the men in order to avoid getting caught and cover their tracks. 

“They did not want to leave their mistresses’ houses smelling like a different woman,” she says. “If you worked there long enough and you knew the guys that would come in, you figured it out pretty easily.” 

Hill added that the town she worked in was small, and secrets did not stay secrets for long. 

Interestingly enough, Hill says that the male customers who were cheating often bought the same perfume brand. 

“It was Coco Mademoiselle perfume, it was never N5 because people would come in and buy that for their mom, it was never the Chance perfumes, it was always Coco Mademoiselle,” she says. 

“Us counter girls, we always have the tea.” 

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Other TikTok users shared similar experiences with cheating customers and their habits. 

“We bartenders too. Sunday brunch with the wife and kids, lunch breaks, and cocktail hour with the mistress,” one user commented. 

“I worked in high-end jewelry for years. Husbands did the same thing. It was always funny to see the mistresses come in after Christmas and exchange it,” another user shared. 

“I worked at VW [Volkswagon] dealership in the '90s. I had a few men cash purchase cars. Delivered with bows to apartment lots. Never their house,” another user wrote. 

If you work in customer service, maybe now you will have a better understanding of how to spot cheaters! 

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