Ex-UFC Fighter Accidentally Insults Wife's Appearance While Saying Finding A Wife Who Makes A Great Mother Is '500% More Important' Than Looks

His focus on this aspect of his wife's character led some to assume he was overlooking her physical beauty.

Ben Askren, Amy Askren Twitter 

An ex-UFC fighter is currently in the midst of what may be one of his biggest fights yet: him against Twitter users. 

The man was criticized online after posting a message where he appeared to call his wife unattractive. Since then, both he and his wife have publicly spoken out to address the drama. 

Ben Askren stated that ‘finding a wife who is a great mother is 500% more important’ than her physical beauty. 

Ben Askren, a retired professional mixed martial artist and amateur wrestler set the Internet aflame with his claims about his wife and her attractiveness. The 38-year-old took to Twitter to share a photo of himself with his wife, Amy, and their three children. He uses the image to promote his message surrounding the physical beauty of women. 


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“I’ve seen some guys posting on social media lately about how they are winning because their wife is attractive,” Ben wrote. “While I don’t disagree, I think finding a wife who is a great mother is 500% more important!!!” He then thanks Amy for being “such a great mom” to their children. The tweet garnered over 10 million views. 


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Many people believed that Ben was calling his wife unattractive. 

While the husband may have believed that he was complimenting his wife on her mothering skills, many people felt as if he was unintentionally calling her unattractive by solely focusing on the kind of mother she was and not her looks. 

“I’m guessing this sounded much different in your head,” one Twitter user commented. “Please delete this before your wife sees it,” another user encouraged. 

“I know what he was trying to say but this tweet is awful,” another added. 


Ben attempted to cool concerned people down by defending himself in a follow-up tweet. 

“For those of you who are too dumb to realize, multiple things can be true at once,” he wrote. “My wife is both very hot and a great mother. Being a great mother is way more important as I originally stated.” 


Fortunately, his wife appears to agree with him and did not take his words as him calling her unattractive.

“It’s okay, I know what he’s trying to say,” Amy assured Twitter users in a tweet of her own. “And it’s a much better compliment than ‘being pretty.’” 

She even thanked her husband for the message that she hopes her children also understand. “I hope our daughters aspire to love people as well and not seek their value in the way they look.” 


Amy adds that she loves her husband “far more than his pretty face” as well. 

Ben followed up once again by sharing a photo of himself and his wife side by side on a red carpet shutting down any remaining critics. “We have a great relationship and she’s not insecure. She knows all too well how attracted I am to her.” 

The only flaw Amy noted about her doting husband’s post was the fact that he used Google to find a picture of the two of them! 


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