Man Seeks Advice After Learning His Wife Has Been Mocking His Ex's Cancer Diagnosis On Social Media

He "embarrassed" her by making her apologize.

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A husband is seeking advice from Reddit's "r/AmItheA--hole" after learning what his current wife was doing to his ex-wife.

After confronting her, he felt like maybe he had gone too far when his wife reacted negatively.

The husband learned that his wife made cruel comments about his ex's cancer on social media. 

The subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA) allows users to share a story and the conflict that arose from their unique situation.


After some deliberation, the community of strangers perusing this subreddit will give their verdicts which include YTA, which means "you're the a--hole," NTA, which means "not the a--hole," or they'll ultimately decide if ESH, which means "everyone sucks here."

The individual begins his post by saying that he has twins named Castella and Freya with his ex-wife Mariana.

They divorced a while back, and he remarried two years ago to his new wife, Ava.

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Ava dislikes Mariana even though he and his ex-wife are not bitter towards each other and are co-parenting their twins civilly.


His parents like Mariana, and after she was diagnosed with cancer last year, his parents supported her and have helped support his children too — but recently, his children told him about posts that Ava made on social media about Mariana. 

The husband found out that Ava had been commenting on Mariana's posts for months.

"Ava, for the past months, has been writing posts about Mariana. She’s taken a picture of her from her profiles, one of her in a wig after she shaved her hair saying 'take off the f-ing wig,' another picture of Mariana with no wig on saying 'that’s better b—tch,'" the husband said.

Ava commented on another picture when Mariana posted on the children's birthdays with the caption "so happy to see my babies getting so big," and Ava reposted, "yea, your still dying tho." 

The husband confronted Ava about this, but she said Mariana was saying worse stuff about her on Snapchat, and he asked to see the posts, to which Ava said you can't because they were all gone.


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"It was confirmed that Mariana doesn’t even have Snapchat," the husband said after learning about this.

The husband told Ava that he needed to speak to his children in private, so she left the room, and his children showed him the comments Ava had made on the posts.

The children were upset and said they wanted to be with their mother because being around Ava made them uncomfortable, which the husband said was understandable.

"Me and Mariana talked; apparently, she’s seen this but didn’t bring it up because she wasn’t in the mood to cause any drama," he said.


The husband confronted Ava and said she would apologize for her comments.

He confronted Ava and said she was to publicly apologize to Mariana and to his kids since it was made public.

She was to apologize to Mariana via text and in person to his children, but now he says this has made Ava feel embarrassed. 

"I’m getting messages from people saying that I’m an a--hole, and I made her do all of that and didn’t even forgive her and humiliated her," he wrote.

"I hate to say it, but this just made me disgusted," he wrote. 

Redditors agree the husband is NTA.

Users have agreed the husband is NTA in this situation, stating that what Ava had done was disgusting. 


The husband responded to a post after they said this was "grounds for divorce" the husband responded by saying, "I think this might be [too] and all of this is gut wrenching and It’s a worry that she would be saying things to my kids directly as well and I’ve just been stupidly blind to all of it." 

Many comments have echoed the husband's sentiment, saying that perhaps he should file for divorce if his wife was doing this for months without his knowledge, and many have said even if he didn't have kids, this is still grounds for a divorce.

The husband has now heard he is in the wrong for what he did, and his wife waged a campaign of hate against his ex, using her cancer diagnosis as her weapon of choice.


Now she's paying for her bullying, and the husband may go one step further with divorce papers.

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