Customer Claims He Doesn't Tip Based On The Cost Of The Meal — 'I Don't Care How Much The Bill Is, You're Getting Tipped Off Of Your Service'

"I've tipped higher at a Waffle House than I have for a $600 steak dinner."

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Tipping culture in America has become a popular topic of debate. Some people believe that we do not tip our service workers enough, while others argue that tipping has gone over the top. 

Generally, when we do tip, it is customary to tip 15-20% of the total bill. However, one customer shares his own approach when it comes to tipping servers at restaurants which has some people agreeing with him and others raising their eyebrows. 


The customer claimed that he does not tip based on the cost of the meal, but on how well the service was. 

The customer (@repairman67) posted a TikTok video where he responds to a fellow user who questioned why tips are often based on the cost of the food and not the actual service. Her question is one that the customer resonates with since he admits that he does not, in fact, tip based on the total bill, but on well he believed the service to be. 

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“People are gonna hate me for this, but I do not tip according to the cost of food,” he says. “I don’t care if my bill was $1,000 or if I go somewhere and it was $25. Your tip depends on how well you treated me.” 


The customer claims that it’s the “small details” in service that matter the most to him. “If I take a drink from my drink and it never hits ice, you’re getting a good tip,” he says. “If I’m never looking around for my server wondering where the hell you’re at to ask you a question, you’re getting a good tip.” 



The customer reveals that he has tipped higher at a Waffle House restaurant than he did at a steakhouse where the bill totaled $600 simply due to better service at Waffle House. 

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“The lady at Waffle House filled my drink before it hit empty, and she always put it on my left-hand side where I was putting my drink,” he shares. “Versus the restaurant where I only got a steak and it cost me $600. My drink was empty like six or seven times and I had to raise my hand in the air to get her [the waitress] to come and refill it.” 

“I don’t care how much the bill is. You’re getting tipped based on your service, at least with me,” the customer warns restaurant servers on the app. 

The man sparked a variety of reactions from other TikTok users for his tipping perspective. 

Some people agreed with the customer’s approach to tipping servers based on well their service was. 

“As a server, I love people like you. I’d rather be tipped on my ability to do my job over if your meal was delicious,” one user commented. 


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“AS IT SHOULD BE!! I tip based on the quality of service as well!!” another user shared. 

However, others were not in complete agreement and believed that the bill total should be considered as a factor when tipping. 

“I agree to tip according to service, but the price has to come into play at some point. I mean, it sounds like an excuse to be cheap,” one user wrote. 

Other users who were servers themselves claimed that at the end of their shifts, they were required to share their tip money with the supporting staff, including the chefs, and that if customers undertipped them it cost them money and affected the rest of the restaurant staff. 


“Where I work I must tip out a minimum 7% of the total bill. Regardless of how much you leave me, you could cost me money,” one user noted. 

Other users argued that servers often have multiple tables, and while they may not immediately refill your drink, they are doing their very best to provide good service. 

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“Sometimes tho as customers, y’all forget y’all are not our only table. If your drink got empty we probably got busy,” one server pointed out. “You’re probably needy AF,” another user said of the customer. 

When one user suggested that he attempt serving for a few days to understand the difficulties of the job, the customer claimed that he had previously worked as one. 


“Scroll back far enough on my page you’ll see me living and working in a restaurant so done,” he addressed in the comments section. 

Many things come into play when considering how much to tip and tipping culture in general.

While service is an essential part of your restaurant experience and certainly a factor customers should consider when tipping, it is also important to take other factors into consideration, including how crowded a restaurant is, how many food and drink orders you put in, and if the restaurant is fully staffed or not.

These all can affect the speed and efficiency of your server, and even if it may not appear so, many of them are going above and beyond to ensure that you have a pleasant dining experience, and certainly deserve any tip you can give them. 

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