Customer Says Restaurant Added An Automatic Gratuity To Pick-Up Order, But Then Asked Her To Tip Two More Times

She was shocked after being asked to tip for a third time, despite having done so twice before.

tiktoker Morgan Huelsman @webgirlmorgan / TikTok

A woman has sparked a debate about the tipping culture after revealing how many times she was supposed to leave a tip at a restaurant.

In a TikTok video, Morgan Huelsman shared that she had ordered food from a restaurant for pick-up in her area, and was astonished at the number of times that she was expected to tip, especially since she hadn't been dining in.

She was asked to tip on a pick-up order two different times despite the restaurant adding an automatic gratuity.

"Tipping has gotten out of hand," Huelsman began in her video. She made sure to add a disclaimer for people who would take offense to her bold statement, clarifying that she used to work as a server in the food service industry, and understands the value of tipping.


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"I worked in the service industry for years, so whenever I go out to eat or whenever I order takeout, I always tip really good," she continued. "Always been the case, I know what it's like."



While that's her usual mantra, Huelsman revealed that she was a little taken aback by a restaurant's tipping policy. She explained that she had ordered takeout at a restaurant the other night and noticed the establishment had already added a gratuity to the total, which Huelsman said she didn't mind too much.


On top of the additional gratuity, Huelsman decided to leave her own tip amount. However, when she showed up to collect her order, she was flabbergasted when the server insinuated that she needed to leave another tip on top of the other two.

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"When I tell you I almost lost my mind when I showed up to pick up my order. I picked it up, it was not delivered," she insisted. "They handed me this nice little receipt. [An] additional tip, a third tip to tip on the same order."

Since Huelsman had tipped twice already, she decided to not tip a third time. When she opted not to sign the receipt, she claimed the employee appeared visibly upset as if she had just "ruined his entire day" by not leaving a third tip.


"Sir, I am not going to tip you for a third time!" Huelsman exclaimed in disbelief. "What are we doing? This is ridiculous. Now, I get it, y'all deserve the money but three times?!"

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In the comments section, people agreed that takeout orders shouldn't need a tip.

"Wait! They charged an automatic gratuity on a pick-up order. Cancel the order. I’ll cook. I’m tired of paying other [people’s] salaries," one TikTok user wrote.

Another user added, "I never tip for takeout or anything else, unless [they] are actually serving me."


"Oh, I completely agree!! Every place of business has a tip cup available. I am absolutely tired of constantly feeling obligated to tip," a third user chimed in.

Since the pandemic, many restaurants took some major hits including closures, job losses, financial strain, and a significant shift in consumer behavior. Some businesses are still reeling and learning to adapt, which means that customers should be making sure to leave their servers tips when dining in.

However, it is understandable for people to be a bit peeved out about having to tip on a takeout order when, in their minds, an employee hasn't done any work besides packaging up the food and ringing them up.


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