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Emails May Prove David Beckham's A Cheater

Emails May Prove David Beckham's A Cheater

Looks like David Beckham didn't learn anything from fellow athlete, Tiger Woods' whole cheating scandal. Like the disgraced golfer, Beckham's blackberry could land him in a whole lot of trouble. As you've probably heard by now (unless your blackberry is on a hiatus), Becks has been accused of cheating on his wife, Victoria Beckham with a woman named Shery Shabani. But unlike Tiger's fame-seeking, money-hungry gals, it doesn't look like Shabani's the one spreading these cheating "rumors." In this case, the culprit happens to be Shabani's ex-husband, Kamyar Shabani. (Note to famous men looking for some side action: Married women don't make the best mistresses). Wife Sues Mistress For $5 Million... And Wins

Shery claims that her jealous ex-husband accused her of having an affair with Beckham and even tried to run the poor chap off the road outside their children's schools. Apparently, Posh and Becks are friends with Shery, although...maybe not anymore. (Another side note to all those straying dogs: If you're gonna ignore our advice and hook up with a married lady, at least make sure she's not your wife's friend!)

But now, RadarOnline.com reports that Shery's brother-in-law, who just happens to be partners with Kamyar in their own law firm (conflict of interest much?), claims that he can prove the affair. (Shery has said that her ex-husband's allegations are "irrelevant and untrue.")Apparently, the Shabani brothers believe that emails and texts exchanged between Shery and David are evidence of an extramarital affair. Shery's rep however, insists that while the pair have emailed in the past, they were "purely business" related. Unfortunately, the rep did not elaborate on the nature of said "business."

Still, it actually looks like this scandal may be a stretch of the disgruntled ex-husband's imagination. Even though Shery was questioned about the emails during the divorce proceeding (the divorce has since been settled), the judge chose to return the email evidence to the lawyers rather than keeping it in the court files. We're guessing if there was incriminating evidence contained in one of the emails, the judge would have held onto them.

Sure, the majority of these cheating accusations turn out to be true in the end, but in this case, we're not so convinced. Becks would have to be pretty dumb to cheat with his wife's good friend, not to mention completely blind, considering Posh is smokin'. Still, we hate to be so naive as to deny that there's usually some truth behind every celebrity rumor. But for now, we're gonna dismiss the current case against Becks due to insufficient evidence and wait a few weeks until another woman claims to have bedded the British hunk. David Beckham Denies Affair With Call Girl

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