Video Of Dad Doing His 8 Kids' Hair Will Make Your Heart Smile

There's nothing more precious than a doting and devoted dad.

large family @Kelliingram / Instagram

The Kelliingrams, a family of 10, including eight children both biological and adopted, went viral on Instagram after they shared their Sunday morning hair routine that they called a "Daddy Takeover." The mother and father who live, the 'farm life', according to their profile, seem to do a great job at balancing the responsibilities of such a large family. 

In the video, the father lovingly works through combing and styling each child's hair from oldest to youngest. 

The eldest daughter sits calmly as her father pulls her hair back into a ponytail then expertly wraps it into a bun before spritzing it with hair spray and giving her a kiss on the cheek. His next daughter rolled her hair overnight so he removes the cloth roller to unveil a full head of bouncy curls while looking at them in awe and fluffing them. After he finishes with her, he gives her a sweet smooch as well and moves on to the next child. 


One by one, the dedicated dad gives each child their own unique style, each one smiling during the time they spend with their loving father.

His son opts to stand up while he is given a hairstyle that matches his father's he smiles at the results while dad gives him a double thumbs up, approving of his new handsome look. 

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The haircare session is a bonding experience for both the father and his children.

It's probably not about whether or not they can do it themselves, but the time that they all share together. explains that spending grooming time together can strengthen the parent-child bond, something vital to a healthy relationship with your child and instrumental in building the foundation they will grow on. It gives both parties quality time to spend together where they can talk and stay connected, and appropriate physical touch between a parent and a child improves self-worth and reassures the little ones, making them feel safe and secure. 

Viewers were concerned that the family might not be properly caring for their "ethnic" child's hair. 

Concerns came up when the fourth child in the video, a non-white little girl named Faith, had her hair styled by her father. Someone asked, "Are you doing enough to take care of Faith’s ethnic hair?"

The Kelliingrams were quick to assure viewers that they were well aware of their child's haircare needs and that they avoided overwashing and added the required moisture to avoid drying the hair out. They admitted that her hair does take a little more time than the other girls' due to its texture, but the investment is worth it. 

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As a white parent of a Black child, it's important that caregivers understand the unique haircare requirements. They should be familiar with terms like 'co-washing', 'protective styles', 'bonnets', 'braids', and 'twist-outs'.

If unsure of what to do with their child's hair, parents should reach out to members of the Black community and stylists for guidance and do their own research. YouTube is a wealth of information about haircare for Black kids. But it seems like these parents are already ahead of the game. 

The video had a cute ending, with the husband attempting to move on to his wife's thick head of hair. She stopped him in his tracks as he tried to apply hairspray. With all the negativity we see online, feel-good videos like this one really tug at our heartstrings and make us feel blessed to have witnessed the innocent love between a parent and their children. 


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