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Black Woman Has Joyful Reaction To Hospital Worker Bringing Her The Correct Products For Her Natural Hair

Photo: @the_kitchen_drawer / TikTok
Katherine Lane

A Black woman shared the unexpected surprise she received from hospital staff that proves a little goes a long way.

In a TikTok video, Katherine Lane explained the joy she felt when she was given a basket full of the correct hair care products that she would usually use at home. The video resonated with other Black women, who pointed out that every hospital should have this same initiative.

She was given a basket full of products for her natural hair while in the hospital.

"Tell me why I'm in the hospital and asked for a comb, just so I could put my hair in some braids. You know what they brought me back?" Lane began in her video, a hint of disbelief in her voice as she showed viewers what a nurse had given her.

"He brought me back all [this] stuff, what hospital you know gonna bring you a bonnet?" As Lane turned her camera around, sitting in front of her was a small basket filled to the brim with all of the hair care products that Black women usually need for their textured and kinky hair.



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Inside the basket were two bonnets, a leave-in conditioner, shampoo, a comb to detangle, a hair pick, a hard brush, and a durag, which Lane said she would pocket and bring home for her son. Lane's excitement was palpable through the screen as she gushed over the type of hospital that would bring her a bonnet, first of all, among all of the other products.

In the comments section, other Black women shared Lane's enthusiasm, and acknowledged that things like this are just a small way that they feel "seen."

"I know that's right! This is love," one TikTok user wrote, while another user added, "This is so awesome on so many levels. I’m so glad you’re recording the level of care you deserve."

"Everybody deserves to feel comfortable and dignified in a hospital. I’m so happy they had this for you & I hope you’re doing well," a third user chimed in.

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Many hospitals around the country have announced plans to carry more personal care products that Black women can use.

According to the University of Maryland Medical System, in February 2023, they announced that a pilot program in three of their hospitals will now be stocking personal care products for patients with highly-textured hair.

The initiative focuses on addressing issues of diversity, equality, and inclusivity for patients across the System, which provides care in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the state. Along with hospitals in Maryland, the same plan has been put into motion at a hospital in New York.

The initiative for the New York Hospital is called the Crown Hair Project, and according to its official description, is "an innovative patient care program that provides a wide array of hair care products to serve the health system’s diverse patient population.” 

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On top of that, several Children's Hospitals are also following suit after noticing that Black families were expressing concern over their children's basic hair hygiene means being met. 

These simple changes can mean so much for Black women and families, especially when looking at the common mistreatment that Black people face in the medical system. Black patients are 22% less likely than white patients to receive any pain medication, even in cases with objective medical necessity for pain control.

There is also the staggering racial disparity with Black women who face significantly higher mortality risks than white women and women of other races. Black mothers are 12 times more likely to die than white mothers. 

In a world where even the smallest acts of consideration can leave a lasting impact, Lane's heartwarming experience serves as a powerful reminder that gestures of empathy can resonate deeply. It serves as a reminder that even within complex and systemic systems, positive change can be enacted, making healthcare spaces more diverse, respectful, and compassionate.

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