Couple Asks If They're Wrong For Having Mickey & Minnie Mouse At Their Wedding Instead Of Catering

The guests were upset and also hungry.

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A married couple has gone viral after posting to the subreddit "AITA" (Am I The A--hole), saying that they skipped catering at their wedding so they would be able to afford Mickey and Minnie Mouse to come to the ceremony.

The woman, 28, and her fiancée, 30, tied the knot three months ago, and had what she called, "their dream wedding".

"Everything was perfect, and I mean everything," the wife wrote in the Reddit post. "My parents and his parents helped us pay for a great chunk of the wedding so we would be debt-free and we are eternally grateful for that."


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However, it seemed as if not all of the guests who attended the wedding found it to be as "perfect" as the bride and groom did.

The wedding guests wanted to eat at the wedding without having to sacrifice their hunger to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The woman's aunt posted about the experience on Facebook, sharing that she was "disappointed" with the entire wedding, to which other guests sided with her opinion.

The woman, who describes her and her fiancée as being "huge Disney fans," decided that they wanted to try and incorporate their love for Disney while getting married.


"The issue was with our decision to not offer catering services/bar services at our wedding due to routing the money towards having a wedding Minnie and Mickey make appearances at our special day," she explained.

She added that the cost to have Mickey and Minnie Mouse appear at their wedding "for a good chunk of time (30 minutes)" was the exact budget for hiring a catering service. 

"So we scheduled an appearance during our first dance and our wedding photos, forgoing served food (though there were PLENTY of facilities at the venue where people could eat…),” she said.

The woman continued, saying that her parents were extremely supportive of the couple's decision, but everyone else was "being passive-aggressive about it on Facebook."


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While the post was removed from the subreddit by moderators, it still ended up being shared on Twitter, where many users voiced their thoughts on the couple's decision to cut the catering for Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Everyone blasted the couple for their decision to not have food at the wedding.

"Imagine sitting at a table with no food watching two weirdos in costumes pose for pictures with Mickey and Minnie Mouse," one Twitter user wrote.


Another user added: "I somehow hate everyone involved in this story at the same time."

A third user said: "Unironically if I went to a wedding and they didn’t cater but had some mascots show up for 30 minutes I would throw all wedding etiquette out the window: I’d propose to someone, change into a white outfit, etc. I’m so serious."

Other people had worse things to say about the situation, a good indication that you shouldn't play with other people's food.


It's probably not a good idea to sacrifice food for a couple of mice impersonators inside of costumes, no matter how famous the mouse is.

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