How A Woman Convinced Her Fiancé To Have Their Wedding Ceremony At The Taylor Swift Eras Concert

She made a commitment to her now-husband and to Taylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift’s fans are known to be incredibly committed to their favorite pop star. One woman showed her commitment to Swift—and her relationship—by planning a wedding ceremony at Swift’s Eras Concert.

Swift's Eras concerts are major productions—each show features 10 acts that conceptually portray each of Swift's albums. For one Swiftie, the night was even more special because she had her wedding ceremony during the concert.


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René Hurtado convinced her fiancé to have their wedding ceremony at the Taylor Swift Eras Concert.

Hurtado first went viral on the app with a video showing her and her groom dress to the nines in simple but elegant wedding attire as the prepped for their unique ceremony.

Hurtado wore a silly white gown that fell just below the knees, a short veil and white shoes — the perfect look for a bride who also wants to dance and have fun at a once-in-a-lifetime concert/wedding.

She shared a short video of her and her fiancé making their way to the concert venue before officially tying the knot in the stadium.




Needless to say, viewers on TikTok had a lot of questions so Hurtado went on TikTok to explain just how she made her wedding ceremony happen. 

She stated that while she’s still planning on having a wedding, she and her now-husband Max wanted to get married legally before their wedding, in order to make the logistics of changing her name simpler.

Originally, they had the idea to elope on the day of Swift’s concert, and then “go to the concert like it was our reception.”


Hurtado claimed that “the idea then escalated into, ‘why not get married at the concert?’”



“Fast forward to November, we get our front row, row 1 tickets to Taylor’s concert.” The engaged couple got front-row tickets to Swift’s Eras show, only for Hurtado’s fiancé to develop cold feet about the whole idea.

“He hates attention,” Hurtado explained. “I came up with a whole new plan, and I said, ‘let’s do this instead for our legal marriage.’”


“And immediately he was like, no, let’s do a Taylor Swift concert.” Hurtado said that “anyone who knows Max knows that is not like him at all.” Yet, as Hurtado noted, she’s a “hardcore Swiftie,” and Max “knows how important Taylor is” to her. 

Hurtado's idea to have her wedding at Swift's Eras tour became a reality thanks to her fiancé agreeing to her wish.

The idea came naturally to Hurtado, who explained that her fiancé wasn’t surprised when she floated the idea to him. “I’m never normal. I’m always dramatic,” Hurtado said of herself. She went on to explain just how she made her Eras Concert wedding happen in reality.



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She asked her best friend, who lives in Dallas, Texas, and had planned to go to the show with Hurtado, to get ordained so she could officiate the wedding. Her best friend’s boyfriend Josh acted as a witness and wedding videographer.

“I had other girlfriends there who are big Swifties; they also had floor seats,” said Hurtado. “So they came and ran so that they could be at the ceremony so that they could also be witnesses.”

Hurtado dove into an explanation of how she chose the exact right moment at the Eras concert to get officially married. She originally wanted to get married during a song from the “reputation” album, as she and her husband are self-described “huge rep stans.”



“I think reputation has the greatest love songs ever, they’re epic,” Hurtado said. “But there wasn’t a good reputation song to do it to.”


Hurtado took her planning seriously. She went to the first night of the Glendale, Arizona show and “wrote down all of the setlist so I could kind of pinpoint what were good times.”

She explained that she plans to walk down the aisle at their future wedding to the song “invisible string,” so when Swift played that song at the show, Hurtado said, “obviously I was crying in my seat a little. I was like, that’s going to be the perfect time to do it.”  

They decided to have the actual wedding ceremony during Swift’s performance of her “seven” poem, which she does right before the song “invisible string.”

“It was just perfect. I swear Taylor Swift planned it,” Hurtado said. “We got married during the 'seven' poem, and then we spent 'invisible string' just vibing and also trying to calm down from the excitement, because it really hits your body, like the adrenaline of it all. It was so precious.”


“I think now when I walk down the aisle to ‘invisible string,’ it’s going to be that much more sentimental to us,” Hurtado said. In addition to telling her wedding ceremony story, Hurtado recorded a green screen post that went through her wedding outfit details.



Her dress and veil were both from Anthropologie Weddings; her shoes were Badgley Mischka. Her outfit was styled by Danielle, “who runs the Phoenix showroom for Anthropologie Weddings.” Her bouquet was from Camelback Flower Shop, and her makeup was from Sephora.

Hurtado’s fashion choices were fairly accessible for purchase, and she certainly looked like a very happy and beautiful bride on her big day.


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