Cara Delevigne Skips Her Clothing Collection’s Launch Party As Fans Fear For Her Wellbeing Amid Drug Rumors

Hopefully, she has everything under control.

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Fans of Cara Delevingne are concerned that she's abusing drugs after a series of paparazzi photos showed the British-born actress and model acting erratic.

Now, as the model failed to show up to a New York event celebrating the launch of "Cara Loves Karl," her capsule collection with Karl Lagerfeld fans are wondering what is going on with the star.

This week, Margot Robbie was seen visiting her friend and "Suicide Squad" co-star's home after her recent behavior left fans concerned for her wellbeing.


Robbie left Delevigne's home looking upset and distressed.

Is Cara Delevingne okay?

Fans worried about Delevingne’s recent behavior have sparked rumors of potential health struggles or drug addiction.


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It should be noted that the model does have ADHD so her fidgeting in recent interviews could be a result of this, but fans aren't convinced.

Cara Delevigne was seen acting erratically at Van Nuys Airport.

On Monday, September 5, Delevingne was seen looking jittery and disheveled while arriving to board a private jet at Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles.

The "Only Murders In The Building" star was seen dangling her feet out a window of a car as she traveled to the flight and then was outside the airport with no shoes on while playing with her dog.

Delevinge reportedly sat on the grounded private plane for 45 minutes before disembarking for unknown reasons.


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This behavior comes just a week after the 30-year-old was pictured sucking on a smoking pipe of some kind while sitting alone in a car. 

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Delevinge is known for having a vibrant personality and acting quirky in interviews but fans think her behavior might be a sign that the star is struggling mentally.

Fans have expressed worries that Cara Delevigne is abusing drugs after appearing jittery during TV appearances.

Even though she’s known for her quirky, oddball behavior, her public appearances lately have been particularly alarming.

Fans have been pointing to recent paparazzi photos of the star puffing on a hand-rolled cigarette and sporting marks on her legs that looked either like bruises or scabs.

Delevigne has also spoken openly about having psoriasis in the past so the marks on her skin may not be an issue of concern.


On Thursday, July 27, 2022, Jimmy Fallon hosted Neil Patrick Harris, Cara Delevingne, and musical guest Black Thought for his weeknight episode of “The Tonight Show.”

During his interview with Delevingne, it looked as though she was a bit nervous — she talked rapidly, stumbled over words sometimes, and fidgeted frequently.

When she tried to show Fallon a magic trick, she held up a card to the camera, allowing viewers and audience members alike to not only see the card she was holding but to notice how much she was trembling.

“Can you see how much my hand is shaking?” she asks, recognizing that her trembling hands are very noticeable.


“Yes, is that a part of the magic trick?” Kimmel quipped, getting no response from Delevingne.

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Already, fans were concerned about Delevingne’s behavior, but things seemed to get worse during her appearance on “Live Kelly And Ryan.”

As she answers questions about a new tattoo she’s going to be getting with Alanis Morissette’s handwriting, Delevingne can be seen rubbing her hands together.

She does so rapidly and with more than just a casual force as the microphone picks up the sound.

Not only that, but she also answers her questions very rapidly, nearly cutting off Kelly and Ryan before they can finish responding, and stumbles over her words multiple times.


Her recent behavior has been worrying to fans, who speculate that she may be struggling with some form of drug addiction.

Cara Delevigne was accused of using drugs back in 2013.

The model was photographed dropping a suspicious bag of white powder outside her London home before quickly hiding it by stepping on it.

The star never addressed the photos but fans have widely suspected the bag contained cocaine.


Cara Delevigne's mother struggled with drug addiction.

According to, her mother, Pandora Delevingne, struggled with a heroin addiction while raising Cara.



“You’re an addictive person or you’re not. I am,” she told the publication. “I’m paranoid the girls might drink too much or take too many drugs — understandably I think. I do talk to them about it. They say, ‘I’m OK, Mum’ or, ‘I’m this or I’m that,’ but they’re not addicts.”

Research has proven that genetics have somewhere between a 40% and 60% influence on addiction, which leads fans to believe that Cara has a higher risk of developing one and that she may be struggling with one now.


If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, there are resources to get help.

The process of recovery is not linear, but the first step to getting better is asking for help. For more information, referrals to local treatment facilities and support groups, and relevant links, visit SAMHSA’s website.

If you’d like to join a recovery support group, you can locate the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings near you. Or you can call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-799-7233, which is a free 24/7 confidential information service in both English and Spanish. For TTY, or if you’re unable to speak safely, call 1-800-487-4889.

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