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Bride Reveals She Lost A 7-Year Friendship After One Of Her Guests Didn't Follow Her Wedding 'Rules'

Photo: Cora Breilein / TikTok
Cora Breilein

Weddings can be one of the most important days of someone’s life. One bride showed just how seriously she took her special day by sending guests a list of rules they had to follow.

Cora Breilein clearly took her role as a bride seriously, as she sent guests a list of her expectations they had to abide by in order to attend her wedding. But her strict rules for her big day proved to be divisive and many guests did not respond well to the requirements — including one of the bride's longtime friends.

Photo: TikTok

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A bride listed strict rules on her wedding website and had a plan in place to enforce them.

In a slideshow shared on TikTokBreilein shared some of the intense rules she had in place for guests and discussed whether people actually followed them.

Breilein asked guests to arrive at the venue by 3:15, and announced that “late parties will not be permitted entrance.” She included the caption, “2 [out of] 96 people were late. What we DIDN’T say is we hired security to turn late parties away.”

Photo: TikTok

She explained they had “no issues” with people’s parking experience, as she included the information that “parking at the venue is EXTREMELY limited. We HIGHLY recommend commuting in groups.” At that point, Breilein reiterated her late policy, explaining, “Late parties will not be permitted to enter the wedding until cocktail hour.”

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Photo: TikTok

She also recommended places for out-of-town guests to stay, which included accommodations in Sonoma or Glen Valley, CA. "Our guests were good with this one too," she told TikTok, "Especially good for out of towners not familiar with the area."

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Next up is the all-important rule about kids and weddings, an issue often divisive in some celebrations. Breilein was clear with her policy: “If your child is invited, their name is listed. We kindly ask that parents be mindful of children’s noise levels and take them to the bridal suite should little ones get cranky and sit in the back TWO rows during the ceremony for quick access to quieter accommodations. Please also be mindful that alcohol will be flowing, and it may be best to take a night off!”

She explained that she “still had to tell a couple [of] people their kids weren’t invited.”

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It's clear the bride's guest list was tight so when it came to plus-ones, Breilein also had some strict rules. To the question, “Can I bring a date?” Her answer was that “our wedding will be intimate to enjoy with our loved ones, we are not extending +1s at this time. If your partner is invited, their name is included on your Save the Date and Formal Invitation.”

Breilein dropped the bombshell that she “lost a 7+ year friendship over not inviting a boyfriend I’d never met — our wedding felt so special and intimate knowing everyone there. It’s worth weeding people that aren’t interested in being in your life, out.”

Photo: TikTok

In the caption of her video, Breilein exclaimed, “You’re a rude person if you text a bride the week of her wedding!” It’s a statement that shows just how important her wedding was to her, so much so that she asked the people in her life not to contact her during the week leading up to her ceremony. She made her rules abundantly clear so, even if guests don't agree with them, they should no better than to demand she make an exception for them.

Weddings can be a time of high stress and not everyone sees eye to eye on the rules and expectations that come with tying the knot. Brides and grooms who can't afford large weddings or just want an intimate ceremony reserve the right to exclude whoever they choose.

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