Boss Tells Employee To Wear 'Less Revealing' Pants To Work — 'These Are My Size'

She claimed that she could see his 'bulge' through his pants.

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After a man was called into his boss’ office, he was left flabbergasted by her request regarding his work attire. The man's boss is insisting that he purchase an entire new wardrobe since she believes his current clothing to be inappropriate.

The man’s boss complained that his pants were too tight and that she could see his ‘bulge.’

Sharing his story to the subreddit, r/TrueOffMyChest, the man revealed that he has “never been angrier” after his boss advised him to start wearing new pants to work. According to him, the dress code at his place of work is “business casual.”


“I have gotten myself sized by a reputable tailor. All my slacks and chinos are from normal brands you'd find at Macy's and are normal/relaxed fit,” the man wrote.

However, during one of his shifts, the man’s boss called him into her office to discuss his work attire. “[She] told me I would no longer be allowed to wear the pants I normally wear to the office and would have to wear something ‘less revealing,’” he shared. “Apparently, my ‘bulge’ is inappropriate for the workplace.”

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The man claimed that he has a “normal-sized penis,” and even measured it just to make sure. He did not believe that his pants were tight enough that it would be noticeable.

After the man informed his boss that his pants were his size and asked what she propose he wear instead, she replied, "Just go buy something looser or get a bigger size.”

The man noted that his boss’ request was inappropriate and unfair. “I'm not rebuying my entire collection of work pants,” he wrote. “Go ahead and report me to HR, let's see them try and fire me for having too much d-–k.”


The man also pointed out the double standard when it comes to being dress coded in the workplace.

“Would a woman with large breasts be told she can't wear anything but baggy clothes? Would she be told by her boss that she must wear nothing but restrictive sports bras to work?: he wrote. “I doubt it, especially in my workplace where women two seats down from me wear far more provocative clothing than my damn slacks.”

While women undoubtedly face discrimination based on their clothing in the workplace and have been advised to “cover up,” there tends to be more of a public outcry when women share their stories.

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Like some women in the workplace, the man is also experiencing unfair treatment and sexism simply because his boss pointed out a normal part of his anatomy, using it as a reason for him to change his clothes.


Other Redditors defended the man, noting the double standard and that it was strange that his boss would even notice such a thing.

“What the hell are you expected to wear?? Parachute pants?” one user commented. “I would be concerned that someone stared at my crotch enough to notice that,” another user wrote.

“I'm a woman with large as f–-k breasts and I have been told multiple times to not wear ‘low cut shirts that show cleavage’ despite the fact that my ‘low’ cut shirts were not low cut, I just had bigger boobs so higher cut shirts would still show a bit of cleavage,” one woman shared. “Someone else's fixation on your d-–k or boobs or a-– is not your fault, it's theirs for being distracted by it.”

Others encouraged the man to report the incident to HR since he was subjected to discrimination and sexism in the workplace.

While women are more likely to be dress coded in the workplace, with four in 10 reporting having experienced discrimination based on their gender, this does not mean that men’s allegations should be dismissed.


Every employee deserves to be heard so that the dynamics of the workplace can start to undergo more fair and inclusive changes.

As for the pants in question that the man was called out for, he shared a follow-up photo so that other Reddiotrs could decide for themselves if they really were “too revealing.”

man’s boss complains that his pants are too tight and can see his bulgePhoto: Reddit


“Note that my 'member’ is sitting to the right of the zipper (relative to the viewer),” he wrote.

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