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Blac Chyna’s Friend Claims She Assaulted Her After Trying To Take Stranger's Money To Pay For Kardashian Lawsuit

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Friend Claims Blac Chyna Attacked Her After Losing $100 Million Lawsuit Against The Kardashians

A friend of Blac Chyna alleges that the rapper assaulted her outside a Los Angeles nightclub on Friday morning. 

Sequoya King, a 33-year-old single mother and Chyna’s friend for close to a year, told DailyMail that Chyna kicked her in the stomach during a drunken fight.

King said she is considering suing Chyna, but added that the reality star apologized to her after the incident and she still considers her a “good person.”

King said that Chyna was behaving strangely the entire night. She said that Chyna continuously insulted her and told the bouncer they did not know each other. 

Blac Chyna was reportedly acting out after losing her lawsuit against the Kardashian family.

Chyna also blocked off the bathroom and tried to charge patrons a fee, ranging from $5 to $100, to enter. She allegedly said that she was trying to raise funds to help with her lawsuit with the Kardashian family.

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“There was a line behind us,” King said. “She opened up the door and she was like, 'if you want to use the bathroom, you got to pay $5. I got a lawsuit going on. Give me your cash app.”

King criticized Chyna for soliciting her fans for money during the lawsuit despite her abundance of wealth.

In particular, she took issue with Chyna opening a GoFundMe page with a goal of $400,000, which has raised just $1,311 as of Thursday, despite living in a house valued at nearly $5 million.

“Her house, she says, is worth $4.7million,” King said. “She has these nice cars. So, the fact that she's doing that is crazy to me.”

King says that Chyna grew worried over fears of being filmed in the club.

She confronted King about having her phone out and, despite King stating that she was not recording, broke her phone during the confrontation.

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“I guess maybe that triggered something,” King said. “She gets up and she's yelling at me. She snatches my phone out of my hand and threw it down on the ground, completely shatters it front and back.”

The two continued arguing in the club in the early hours of the morning before being escorted out by security. The argument continued outside, reaching a boiling point when King commented on Chyna losing her lawsuit.

“I felt like I was in an episode of Love and Hip Hop,” King said. “She's calling me names, I'm calling her names. So I hit her where it hurts.

“I told her: 'You're being a really nasty person to me right now. And that's why you did not win your lawsuit. Because you're a very nasty person.”

Blac Chyna then allegedly kicked her friend in the stomach.

The two were soon pulled apart by onlookers. King, feeling sore after the incident, got an X-ray which revealed she had suffered internal bruising. 

TMZ released a video showing the aftermath of the fight. In the expletive-filled video, Chyna and King continue to exchange words as they are separated by friends.

King filed a police report after taking her daughter to school the following day.

A copy of the report obtained by DailyMail says “vict[im] and susp[ect] involved in verbal dispute because susp believed vict was recording her. Susp cracked vict's cellphone screen and kicked vict in the stomach.”

After a jury sided with the Kardashians and against Chyna in the lawsuit, she is accusing Judge Gregor Alacorn of “extreme bias” and filing a challenge against him.

In order for the challenge to be considered, Chyna will have to present proof of a conflict of interest. The Kardashians quickly responded to Chyna's allegations of bias.

“Their effort to make a scapegoat of Judge Alacorn is frivolous, dishonest and deserving of sanctions,” the Kardashians’ legal team said. 

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