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Bert Kreischer Cries As He Sends His Daughter Off To Her Last First Day Of School — 'It Was A Good Run, I'll Never Have This Again'

Photo: @bertkreischer / TikTok
Bert Kreischer crying on TikTok

Stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer recently went on TikTok in tears, showing his emotional side and sharing a relatable tale about what had him so worked up.

In preparation for his daughter’s big day — her first day of school — he claimed to be having an emotional morning. It might be something that kids take for granted, but Kreischer was there to warn other parents to enjoy every moment while they can, because one day, it’ll be the last.

Bert Kreischer cried as he sent his daughter off to her last first day of school.

As a fully grown adult with no kids, but having been a kid once, the first day of school was always the most exciting time of the year. I readied up my little outfit, prepared to look fresh for all the other kids who might be in my class.

Were my friends in my homeroom? If so, that meant it was going to be a good year. Were my classes fun? Did I like my teachers? It felt like a whole new adventure, but it’s also something that continued to lose meaning little by little over time until college.

For Kreischer, it seems as though the opposite is the case.



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On the morning of August 14, 2023, Kreischer posted a video with the caption, “We’re having an #emotional morning.” In tears, Kreischer sat in the kitchen while everyone was preparing for the last first day of school.

“We are very emotional. It's our last first day of school,” he says. “I've been doing this for a while, and this is the last first day of school.”

He looks off into the distance, sometimes looking over at someone off-screen, but generally seems to be lost in his own thoughts, thinking about the years he spent sending his kid off to school and seeing her grow up. The last time he gets to see her off for the year is likely to mean a lot. While she’s merely getting her life started, he sees it as the end of her childhood.

But he isn’t just sad about it, so to speak. It’s a lot more than that. He’s happy, sad, proud, and disappointed that he won’t get another chance to send her off on her first day of school.



In additional videos, Kreischer gives a shout-out to all the parents

“Dam--t Bert!! You always get me in my feelings when it comes to these topics,” was the comment on the original video that Kreischer decided to reply to. In this follow-up video, he tells his daughter “I love you” as she walks off, either to a bus stop or on the path to school herself.

“To all the parents that are getting their kids ready for their first day of school,” Kreischer says as he walks back into his home, “one day it’s over.” There’s honking and you can hear kids screaming with excitement in the background.

Kreischer laughs as he shares this message with his viewers on TikTok, choked up by tears as well.

“One day, it’s their last first day of school. It’s such a big day as a parent,” he says, before asking “Why is this so f--king close to me?” in reference to his phone camera, keeping the mood up with some comedic relief.

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“I have no idea why I'm so f--king emotional,” he says in a third video. “It’s just such a big thing as a parent. First day of school. To know that it's over. Never again.” He wipes away the tears, looks at his wife, and says, “It was a good run,” as she echoes his sentiments.

It was short-lived, as his fourth video broaching the subject shows him “bouncing back,” saying, “It's amazing how much you want something and then when you get it, you're like, F--k! Son of a b---h.” 



Kreischer was able to take his daughter to school but he ended up hitting traffic, so he complained about how she didn’t have her license and then realized that everything would be okay, but he was thankful for the opportunity and said they had a great conversation.

Kreischer’s saga goes to show just how much things can mean to parents. Menial, mundane details about their child’s life might mean the world to their parents, and it’s important to feel those emotions and share them.

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