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Interesting Details About Bert Kreischer’s Wife, Podcast Host LeeAnn Kreischer

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Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer

The man behind "The Machine," Bert Kreischer knows how to use social media to his advantage. The comedian actually gained a majority of his fame from his own posting of his iconic stand-up, "THE MACHINE," in 2016, which now has over 70 million views between Facebook and YouTube.

Many question whether or not the "machine story" is true. The story he told in his stand-up routine was about traveling to Russia for a semester abroad during college, which led to a series of events and lots of drinking  and somehow befriending the Russian mafia and robbing a train. 

As of 2019, there were talks of adapting the story into a movie! As for whether or not it's true, well... his fans will have to ultimately decide.

Kreischer now has a major following on YouTube, where he posts his own comedy podcast as well as starring on other comics podcasts.

The comedian has used this time of quarantine to his advantage with his own podcast, "Bertcast," and launched his own Netflix series in October of 2020 called "The Cabin with Bert Kreischer."

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While Bert Kreischer may be a household name in comedy, we’re curious about his personal life and who he’s married to.

Who is Bert Kreischer’s wife, LeeAnn Kreischer?

LeeAnn Kreischer is the host of the podcast "Wife of the Party," which is actually a very cheeky and clever name for a podcast. 

“Wife of comedian Bert Kreischer talks to friends in the mancave about marriage, family, and what it’s like to be married to the life of the party,” the podcast’s description reads. She hosted over 140 episodes of the hit podcast so far, and people seem to really enjoy it! It’s rated 4.9/5 stars and has over 1.2K ratings.

In the podcast, she covers many different topics like personal training, books, theater, mental health, therapy, dog training and more, and has a monthly book club as well. She also appeared on an episode of "Something’s Burning," which is a cooking show hosted by her husband.

Does Bert Kreischer’s wife have Instagram?

Like most people in today’s day and age, LeeAnn regularly posts about her life on her Instagram. Clearly, she’s a dog lover, as many of her pictures are of her and Bert’s adorable giant pups. 

She also uses Instagram to promote her podcast and post photos of her and Bert’s kids, who are equally as adorable as their pets.

How did the couple meet? 

The couple actually met twice before anything became romantic; however, LeeAnn has said she doesn't remember the first two times, even though witnesses can attest to it.

The first time the couple met, she was almost 30 years old and working as a writer. She and her writing partner at the time occupied an office near a hiking trail and during work, Bert and his roommate stopped by to meet her writing partner. Apparently, LeeAnn was not amused. 

She thought Bert was the partying type and was too crazy, too wild, and that he was a comedian. (Bert Kreischer actually went to the number one party school in the country, Florida State University in Tampa, Flordia! In fact, in 1997, Rolling Stone ran an article comparing Kreischer to Van Wilder.)

The next time they met, the two were at the same Hollywood YMCA yoga class, but yet again LeeAnn didn't notice him.

Finally, the third time was the charm at a bowling party her writing partner organized. Bert and his roommate were invited, and thankfully LeeAnn was in the dating game looking for a relationship. The two apparently hit it off on the singles team and won against the couple's team. 

The two got married in December 2003 and had their first child, Georgia, a year after in 2004. Their second child, Ila, was born a few years after that in 2006. 

To this day, Bert Kreischer and his wife LeeAnn are still married, and the two of them have a newfound love for podcasts as they regularly feature each other on their own podcasts, "Wife of the Party" and "The Bertcast."

Kreischer is into gardening.

One scroll through LeeAnn’s Instagram will also show you that she has a major green thumb! “My tomato plant is almost as big as my orange tree!” she wrote back in June 2020

Kreischer is an active philanthopist.

LeeAnn loves to give back and speak out about different organizations and people on her podcast. On her own birthday last year, she threw a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on Facebook. 

She loves her dogs.

The Kreischer family sure has a love for dogs, especially their two big English Mastiff dogs, Izzy and Mac, and their little terrier, Mona. 

She’s also a fantastic chef.

Who hasn’t tried out their chef skills while in quarantine? The podcast host shows off her cooking skills on the regular via Instagram, and from the looks of it, she loves to make everything from deviled eggs to no-bake cookies.

“My family called these boiled cookies, but I think most people call them no bake cookies?” she wrote on May 28, 2020. “Either way, they’re amazing, and they always remind me of my cousin Stephanie.”

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How old is LeeAnn Kreischer?

LeeAnn Kreischer was born on August 20, 1971, in Bowdon, Georgia. She’s 49 years old and will be turning 50 in August. She has an astrological sign of Leo. 

What is Bert Kreischer’s net worth?

Bert Kreischer’s net worth is reportedly around $3 million. He’s made most of his money from being a stand-up comedian.

Who are Bert and LeeAnn's Kreischer's kids?

Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer have two daughters, Ila Kreischer and Georgia Kreischer.

In an interview, Kreischer revealed the inspiration behind his daughters’ names.

“My wife is from Georgia and she loves that name. Ila is named after a drunk aunt,” he said. “She was a chain-smoking, heavily drinking, interesting human being.”

He also revealed the adorable nicknames he and his wife have for their kids. 

“My wife is the queen of nicknames. Georgia is G-Mac, G Macaroon Toon, The Blonde Bombshell. (She’s blonde.) Ila is Baby I, IBay and Brownie. I call Georgia George and, if I call Ila anything, it is I,” he said.

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