Rob Kardashian Rumored To Be Engaged To Secret Girlfriend — Details Of Their Mysterious Relationship

Rumor has it his sisters don't approve.

Rob Kardashian and Liana Levi Kathy Hutchins /

Rob Kardashian is engaged, according to a rumor that has surfaced on a subreddit dedicated to the Kardashians.

Earlier in 2022, rumors surfaced that Kardashian was dating Liana Levi, an LA-based fitness instructor and Forma Pilates founder.

But fans speculate that the youngest Kardashian, who lives his life largely out of the public eye, is planning a wedding.

Are Rob Kardashian and Liana Levi engaged?

A source claiming to know someone who works for the Kardashians alleged in a Reddit post that Rob Kardashian is getting married.


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“So I heard from an acquaintance whose sister is one of the Kardashians' interns that Rob is getting married to a certain Instagram model," the post reads.

"Since he's very private and well, not happy with his looks, it will be a small and private wedding but supposedly the sisters ARE coming. And also, she's supposedly pregnant but that's not 100%.”

While no names were mentioned in the post, Kardashian was most recently linked to Levi.


Rob Kardashian and Liana Levi are reported to be secretly dating.

The pilates instructor, who works Kardashian's sister Kendall Jenner, and the former reality TV star were linked after Levi shared a Instagram story of a note written by her and Kardashian to a friend.

The story was reposted from fashion designer Nicholas Bijan, who welcomed a baby on February 22 with his wife, Roxy Bijan.

In the image was a note that read: “Roxy and Nicholas, Congratulations! So happy and excited for this next chapter in your lives. Can’t wait to meet your little princess. Love, Liana and Rob.”

Both Levi and Kardashian's Instagrams were tagged, and the pair reposted the image, but some people couldn’t decide whether or not it meant they were all just good friends.


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Rob Kardashian and Liana Levi have known each other for a long time.

The pair appear in photos together as far back as 2012 and follow one another on Instagram.



Levi also follows Kylie and Kendall Jenner but only Kendall follows her back.

Fans think the Kardashian sisters do not approve of Rob and Liana's relationship.

According to another Reddit user, Levi used to follow all of the Kardashian sisters — Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian — but doesn’t anymore.

They also allegedly used to follow her but don’t anymore, due to reasons unknown but speculated.

“I think it’s a Chyna situation all over again,” wrote this Redditor. “Rob gets engaged to a family friend and gets her pregnant, and tells his family later on. He speed-runs this relationship and now there’s beef between the siblings.”


They cite that some important information to note is that Levi had a prior engagement with someone, but called it off in December 2021.

“Rob was at Kourtney’s engagement (November, pre-Liana), but did not attend her wedding (May),” they continued, citing this as proof of the beef. “Rob and his sisters also did not attend the Blac Chyna trial on the same days.”

Neither has confirmed the relationship nor have they appeared on each other's social media accounts in quite some time. 


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