Justin Trudeau Might Be The Love Child Of Fidel Castro — The Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Explained

Their resemblance is quite eerie.

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Would TikTok really be TikTok without a conspiracy theory about a prominent politician?

The latest conspiracy theory going viral on the social media platform claims that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is actually the son of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

The theory started in November 2016, when Trudeau sparked controversy after praising Castro following his death. Two days after Castro’s death was announced, a Reddit user presented his theory that the Prime Minister may very well be the love child of Fidel Castro and Margaret Trudeau.


Although the Candian government denied the idea of Trudeau being the love child of his mother and Castro, the internet is still convinced otherwise.

One Tik Tok user, Issacesc, explained all of the reasons why so many people still believe that Justin Trudeau is Castro’s child. And we're breaking down these theories to see if they hold any truth.

Is Justin Trudeau Fidel Castro's son?

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The resemblance between Trudeau and Castro is uncanny. 

The resemblance between Trudeau and Castro is hard to miss.


He compared images of Trudeau to those of Castro at a similar age, and brought to attention that the two share similar facial features, most notably their noses and eyes.

Trudeau’s face was also compared to his father, Pierre Trudeau. Isaac showed an image of Pierre explaining that “Justin doesn’t look at all like his father.” 


The Trudeaus may have been in Cuba nine months before Justin was born. 

The TikTok user further supported the theory, explaining that the Trudeaus may have been in Cuba at the right time for Maraget Trudeau to become pregnant with Justin. 

Isaac asks in his video, “For Fidel Castro to be Justin Trudeau’s father, the Trudeau’s would have had to be in Cuba nine months earlier, right?” But does the timeline add up?

“They were on their second honeymoon in the Caribbean, and there was one island that they would not disclose to the press,” he continued. He then added satirically, “I wonder which one it was?”

Although we aren’t sure if the Trudeaus visited Cuba on their second honeymoon, the timeline would fit perfectly.


Justin was born on December 25, 1971, and, according to fact check site, Snopes.com, he would have had to be conceived sometime between March 16th and April 22nd of that year.

Strangely enough, the Trudeaus’ trip was allegedly in April of 1971. 

Pierre and Margaret Trudeau were swingers. 

Pierre Trudeau’s personal life shocked Canada when he ran for Prime Minister in 1968.

He was allegedly a swinger who was said to bring “youthfulness and a promise of change” to the country.

His wife Margaret was also apparently swinger, and even had affairs with Ted Kennedy, Jack Nicholson, Ryan O'Neal, Lou Rawls. Isaac implied the Trudeaus’ extra-curricular activities may have played a role in the conspiracy theory. 


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Fidel Castro and Margaret Trudeau were friends.

Isaac’s next piece of “evidence” presented in his video is the fact that Margaret Trudeau and Fidel Castro were “suspiciously friendly.” 


He showed an image from the Trudeaus’ first official visit to Cuba where it appeared Margaret and Fidel were “getting real up close and personal.” The image shows Margaret embracing Castro as he points to an open book he's holding.

In the image, Margaret, Pierre, and Fidel are all beaming. The image was supposedly taken hours after they first met. 

While Justin’s parents may have become quick friends with the Cuban leader, the first official visit to Cuba by the Prime Minister and his wife did not happen until 1976, five years after Justin’s birth. 


The theory has been denied by the Canadian government. 

While it may seem that the government denying this theory would put it to rest, Isaac believes that this may just be the “cherry on top” that proves it could be true.

In February of 2018, the Canadian government put out a statement denying the claims. However, Isaac finds it odd that a government would take the time to even address a conspiracy theory.

“The Canadian government took the time to deny it,” he said. There is also text asking, “When does a government ever take the time to publicly dispel a silly conspiracy theory?” The text answers the questions stating, “When it’s true.”

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