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Actress Claims Seth MacFarlane 'Hired Me To Abuse Me' On 'Family Guy' Set As A Teenager

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Alexa Nikolas, Seth MacFarlane

"Zoey 101" star Alexa Nikolas is calling out Seth MacFarlane as part of her ongoing criticism of how child stars are treated in Hollywood.

Nikolas, who guest-starred on MacFarlane's hit FOX animated show "Family Guy" for one episode, took aim at the comedian in a series of tweets.

Alexa Nikolas claimed Seth MacFarlane abused her on set of 'Family Guy.'

Taking to Twitter, the former Nickelodeon star started off her series of allegations against MacFarlane by writing that he is "trauma" and that he only "hired me to abuse me. The first job I ever got "offered."

"This industry devoured me. It hopes you stay silent. It hopes you don’t remember," Nikolas wrote. 

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She continued, seemingly alluding to MacFarlane acting inappropriately toward her when she was young, "Sometimes through feeding you alcohol when you are 18."

"Through 'dating' you after but really it’s just to cover up the abusers' tracks. It leaves you traumatized."

In another tweet, Nikolas accused MacFarlane of acting inappropriately toward other young Nickelodeon and Disney that he would cast to appear on 'Family Guy.'

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While Nikolas didn't name those young actresses, some of the guests that appeared on the show included Amanda Bynes, Ashley Tisdale, Ariana Grande, and Emily Osment, though none of them have ever come forward with allegations against MacFarlane.

Nikolas also seemed to hint at a specific incident between her and MacFarlane, writing, "Ask Seth and friends about his bodyguard at his bedroom f-king door. Imagine being on the other side of it."

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Nikolas has previously been vocal about Dan Schneider's inappropriate behavior toward her.

In August 2022, Nikolas organized a protest against Nickelodeon to bring awareness to child stars being abused at the network.

She specifically called out Schneider, who was accused by several others at the network of inappropriate behavior.

Nikolas called him the "creator of childhood trauma" and that she didn't "feel safe" around him while working at Nickelodeon.

During an appearance on the "Real Pod" with Victoria Garrick last month, the actress also revealed that Schneider would sit in on wardrobe fittings for 'Zoey 101.'

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"Whenever I had wardrobe fittings, [Dan] always had to be in them," Nikolas recalled. "Thank God there was a curtain, but he was literally [sitting] on [a] chair right outside of the curtain."

Earlier this month, while speaking with actress Christy Carlson Romano on her podcast, Nikolas claimed that Schneider would take photos of children's feet on set in exchange for money.

Nikolas said that Schneider would carry around a digital camera and "go around with money and ask to take photos of the kids’ feet,” before clarifying, “Their toes.”

She added that her 12-year-old self thought it was “weird” and “silly” but noted that her mother would warn her about interacting with Schneider. 

“Don’t go over there," Nikolas recalled her mother saying. “My mom actually said no to it. But I saw other parents allowing their kids to do it.”

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