The 10-Second Test That Determines Whether You Think With Your Head Or Your Heart

The side you fall on can reveal a lot about who you are.

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Some of us make decisions with our heads, relying on facts and logic to come to the best conclusions. Others are more heart-centric, using emotions and how they feel to decide what to do in any given situation.

Which one results in better outcomes is up for debate, but there are ways of uncovering which end of the spectrum you are on.

The personality test is said to reveal whether you make decisions using your head or your heart.

In a video titled, “The first thing you see in this picture says a lot about your personality,” a woman named Mia Yulin shared a test that is supposed to determine whether you are a person who is more apt to use logic or one who naturally reacts based on your emotions.


Participants are shown a picture and asked to tell what the first thing they see is.

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logic vs emotion personality testPhoto: TikTok

In the video, a picture of an apple bitten to the core on both sides is shown. But if you are quick, you’ll notice some hidden images within the apple. Your affinity for logic or emotion is dependent on the first thing you notice when you see the image.


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If you first saw and man and a woman facing each other, you are logical.

According to Yulin, recognizing the profiles of the man and woman means “You are probably the most logical out of those around you.” 



This indicates that you are kind and adhere to strict values and morals, but you are not likely to be blinded by matters of the heart. You don’t make “silly” decisions based on your emotions and think things through thoroughly. As tiresome as it is to consider every aspect of a situation, you understand the necessity and find the consideration worth it.


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If you saw the apple core first, you are emotionally sensitive.

Emotional sensitivity does not equate to instability and a propensity for angering fast. It means that you are able to read social cues and interpret the emotions of others. You know the right things to say and the proper actions to take based on the circumstances. But you are not one for drawing attention to yourself, so you are comfortable with remaining silent, which can lead to feelings of being overlooked when it comes to intellectual conversations.

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Is it better to be more logical or more emotional?

When it comes to personalities, neither logic nor emotion can be deemed better than the other. As a matter of fact, a good balance of both can be helpful in making important decisions in your life. You need facts to consider, but you also need empathy and compassion to make choices that benefit you and others.


Where one person might excel at considering all factors that are relevant to a situation, another might be better at the "people" aspect. Both are equally important and when done correctly, lead to decisions that result in the best possible outcomes.

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