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Dad Cuts Off Wife’s Money After Hearing Recording Of Her Speaking To His Adopted Daughter

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Dad and daughter

A father is being praised over his decision to cut his wife's access to his money after hearing the way she spoke to their daughter.

Posting to the subreddit AITA, the man explained that he is the father to two children, his biological daughter Chloe, 12, and his adopted daughter, Hope, 14. 

He said that he and their mother are separated, and he has since remarried a woman named Jenna.

The man allowed Jenna to use his credit cards when taking his daughters out to go shopping.

"After getting overwhelmed with busy work schedules, and started asking Jenna to handle daily and weekly expenses including taking the girl[s] to the mall and buying what they want," he wrote in the Reddit post. "I always make sure my credit cards are full and ready, especially, when she tells me what the girls need."

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However, recently the man noticed that Jenna had purchased Chloe an abundance of items, while nothing was bought for Hope. He tried asking his daughter why she wasn't being bought as many things as her sister was, and he even "asked if the mall her stepmom takes her to is not good, or the stuff she finds there isn't nice and all that."

Hope refused to tell her father the reason, and he decided not to push the matter anymore but promised that if she ever wanted to tell him what was going on he was "always there to hear her out."

Eventually, Hope sent her father proof that her stepmother was being rude toward her.

Several days later, the father received a "37-minute" voice message from Hope while she was at the mall with Chloe and Jenna, which he listened to after getting off of work. "I heard Hope telling her stepmom that she liked a [bagpack] and wanted it but Jenna's response was to tell her that there wasn't enough money. Hope insisted saying that she (Jenna) had enough money but Jenna told her she still had to buy stuff for her sister."

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Hope continued to insist, and that's when Jenna snapped at her, telling the teenager, "Why don't you go look for [your biological] dad and ask him to buy it for you if you want it so badly." After listening to the voice message, the father immediately got upset and confronted his wife about the entire debacle.

After Jenna continued to deny that she had said any of that, the man proceeded to play her the voice message Hope had recorded. She immediately doubled down, saying that it had been "taken out of context." 

"I berated her for treating Hope like that and told her that she gets whatever she asks for regardless of who her father is. I then went and revoked all access Jenna had to my credit cards, every single one of them," he shared. After Jenna found out that her access to his money had been restricted, she "blew up," telling him that he was "being unfair after all she's done to help" him. 

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Most people who commented on the man's Reddit post agreed that he was not in the wrong.

"Honestly, this isn’t a take away the credit card offense. This is a divorce her because she’s cruel and this isn’t going to get better kind of offense," someone wrote. "I think your wife is a deeply unkind and cruel person. Why would you want her around your kids??"

Another person chimed in, writing, "You shouldn't revoke her access to the cards. You should revoke her access to the kids. Your kid was treated this way so often that she knew she could record Jenna behaving this way." 

"And insecure enough in her position that she felt she had to record, rather than tell you. This indicates that she's been abused by Jenna for a long, long time."

Prioritizing our children's concerns is so important for creating a healthy family environment

This dad’s unwavering commitment to his daughter shines through, as he takes a stand against what he perceives as injustice and cruelty by his current wife. It’s important to prioritize the emotional well-being of our children, regardless of circumstances. Being attentive and empathetic to our kids’ concerns ensures that no child feels neglected or mistreated, especially when new parental figures come into the picture.



The outpouring of support from the online community underscores the collective belief that, in the face of such situations, it's not the access to credit cards that should be revoked, but rather the tolerance for unkindness. This father’s actions reflect a powerful message about his dedication to shielding his children from harm, demonstrating that love, empathy, and setting boundaries are the true currencies of a nurturing and supportive family environment.

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