Man Calls His Girlfriend A 'Gold Digger' For Not Wanting To Pay Most Of Their Rent

Should a man and his girlfriend split the rent evenly?

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A man recently took to Reddit to complain about how his girlfriend refuses to pay the majority of the rent at their apartment.

The man posted in the subreddit, "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA), to ask if he was wrong for wanting his girlfriend to pay $1300 of their $2000 per month rent and utilities.

The man claims his girlfriend should pay more rent because she makes more money.

“My gf and I have been dating for a year and we want to move in together,” the man explains.


He says they want a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment or townhouse near his job.

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The poster tells readers that he is in the second year of a five-year residency as a pathologist and his girlfriend works from home.


“She also makes 120k and I only make 68k,” he says. 

Since the rent is $1800 and the utilities are $200, the girlfriend wants to split the amount they pay equally — $1000 a month per person.

In an attempt to make his request logical, he points out that his girlfriend is using the bedroom along with him, and the second room as an office.

The writer believes that the living expenses should be divided based on who uses most of the apartment and according to him, that’s his girlfriend.

She thinks he should pay half because it was his decision to live there.

“She thinks even if she is using an extra room because living near the hospital is very expensive I should pay half because we could get a cheaper place if I don’t live near work."


He elaborates by telling Redditors that they live near his job because it enables him to shell out less money on gas than he would otherwise.

The man labels his girlfriend “selfish” due to the fact that her income is higher than his, but she still refuses to pay more toward the rent than him.

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The irritated boyfriend tried to sweeten the deal by assuring her that he would make $350,000 a year after his residency.

His girlfriend was not convinced, stating that she wasn’t willing to wait three years to “potentially get paid back” and that the relationship may not even last that long.


The man's retort was insulting, saying that if the woman was not willing to put more "skin in the game," he would assume she was a "gold digger."

He thought that she must be hanging around until his residency is over with the intention of capitalizing on his large salary — he wants to know if readers agree.

The Redditors put him in his place and said he was wrong.

Despite the man feeling justified in calling his girlfriend a gold digger and demanding she pay the majority of the rent, commenters were appalled.

One person responded to the post saying, “You're not married. You should be splitting rent 50/50. Also, in this situation, you're the gold digger.”


Another reader commented, “Yeah I was on his side up until then because A a lot of couples pay proportionally and B she can write off a home office potentially, but once he started dropping 'skin in the game' and 'gold digger' it started to feel like a lot of projection.”

One person said the man should be grateful to have such low expenses, writing “Also, $1000 for rent and utilities!? I pay close to twice that and make three times less.”

All told, it was difficult to find anyone who agreed with the Redditor.


He quickly learned that calling a woman a gold digger was not the best way to get support from anyone.

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