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Mom Of Idaho Student Feels 'Betrayed' By Lawyer Defending Bryan Kohberger Who Previously Represented Her After Her Arrests

Photo: Monroe County Correctional Facility, YouTube, Instagram
Bryan Kohberger, Cara Kernodle, Xana Kernodle

The mother of a University of Idaho student who was stabbed to death in November has been left "heartbroken" after learning her former attorney is now representing her daughter's alleged killer.

The court-appointed defense attorney representing Bryan Kohberger previously represented Cara Kernodle, the mother of Xana — one of Kohberger's four alleged victims.

The attorney, Anne Taylor, is the chief of the Kootenai County Public Defender’s Office. court records show she withdrew from Cara's case on January 5 — the day of Kohberger's first court appearance in Moscow, Idaho.

“I am heartbroken because I trusted her … (Taylor) pretended that she was wanting to help me … And to find out that she’s representing him, I can’t even convey how betrayed I feel,” Cara told NewsNationNow.

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Who is Xana Kernodle's mom?

Cara Kernodle or Northington is speaking out for the first time following her daughter's death.

On November 13, Xana, 20, was stabbed to death in her Moscow, Idaho college home along with her boyfriend, Ethan Chapin, 20, and roommates Madison Mogen, 21 and Kaylee Goncalves, 21.

Xana's mother, Cara Kernodle, was arrested days after her daughter's murder.

Kohberger's attorney, Taylor, represented Cara for over a month after she was arrested on November 19.

An image of the inmate list at Kootenai County Jail in Idaho that circulated on social media after the murders of the college students shows that Cara was arrested just six days after the tragic murders occurred for Possession Of A Controlled Substance — drugs under Schedule 1 and Schedule 2.

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According to the Idaho Statesman, Taylor represented Cara in four cases since she took over the public defender’s office in 2017.

While some crime sleuths have criticized Cara online, it is important to remember that Xana's mother is grieving the loss of a child and should not be targetted by vitriol.

Bryan Kohberger's attorney previously had power of attorney over Cara Kernodle.

“I don’t understand how she could do this … I don’t understand what happens now. Does she still have power of attorney?” Cara questioned.

Cara says she hasn't had a chance to speak with her former attorney for updates on her case.

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Xana's father, Jeffrey Kernodle previously expressed his frustration with the investigation.

In a conversation with The Independent on November 19, Jeffrey Kernodle, Xana’s father, claimed that the FBI was “not saying anything,” and described the tragedy as “unthinkable.”

“How can you protect some kid? You keep them at home and don’t let him go to college? They’re not gonna stay at home like that,” he said. “So, it’s really mind-boggling. It’s just completely unthinkable and it’s the worst nightmare.”

In a conversation with CBS, he said that she loved to have “fun.”

“She didn’t really worry about the drama and stuff that much. She was never into that. She just liked having fun. Never about materialistic things,” he said.

He claimed that one thing the autopsy showed for certain was her will and her fight to the bitter end.

“Bruises, torn by the knife. She’s a tough kid. Whatever she wanted to do, she could do it,” Kernodle said.

Ethan Chapin's brother has also spoken highly of Xana.

In a Reddit post, Eric Chapin praised his late brother's girlfriend, describing her kind demeanor during their first meeting when she spent two weeks at his home in July.

"If the 2 weeks we got to meet her represent her and [the] life she lived, the world is missing 2 very amazing people. Two kids in their 20s that are stripped of being great parents if they wanted that, and amazing role models for the next generation."

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